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I remember the first time I learned I had the gift of being a medium. I got scared and jumped into mommy and daddy’s bed and told them that there was a bad man talking to me inside my head. After that first time it started happening all day and all night long. That’s when my Grandma took me under her wing and started to mentor me in my gifts.


To be able to “connect” with the other side is a very unique experience to say the least. Sometimes you get a quiet, peaceful feeling, but then other times it can be a quite urgent and unsettling feeling. The quiet and peaceful one is when someone is doing things right and whoever it is they want me to connect with is happy in the path that person is heading.


The unsettling and urgent feeling is when that person needs to change their path or to be careful of someone or something. When the other side talks to me sometimes it’s hard to hear them because they whisper most of the time and I have to get quiet and listen so that I don’t give the wrong information.


I see events that are happening or are going to happen. The majority of things I see are ones that can be altered to a more positive path, but sometimes things I see cannot be changed but can tell the person to be prepared and how to be careful.


Learning how to keep these voices, seeing things, and feeling things quiet was NOT an easy task to learn!


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  1. WOW……….My daughter has the gift but due to my ignorance I encourage her to ignore it until she is more mature and be guided by someone that knows what they are doing thank God for your grandma.

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