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By: Kal

Mercury in the Fourth House
You are full of imagination and dreams; you love to think about the fantastical, the “what ifs” in life. You can sometimes be narrow and biased in the way you think and the things you’re looking into, but you also can be varied in your thoughts. You enjoy the home life and you love to read and study.

You’re probably interested in literature and the sciences, whether they’re the sciences of the mind, the body, or political. You don’t really like change and can be very focused and traditional in your thinking and mannerisms.

Mercury in the Fifth House
Your voice is your greatest asset. You love to talk and you love to express yourself. People think of you as the life of the party because you love to do everything. You like to play tricks, make jokes, talk, sing, and play games with those around you. You’re amazing at impersonations and can also be rather clever at lying or manipulating others.

Unfortunately, this makes your situation a precarious one. Some people may see through your imitations and lies and may not like what they see. You need to show others that you’re more than a smile and a curious face. You need to prove yourself through communication and intellectual conversation, especially when it comes to romance.

Mercury in the Sixth House
You are all about the details. When people mistake things, forget them, or lose track, you always seem to remember where everything is. This is attributed to your excellent organization skills; nothing is ever out of place for you.

The problem is that you’re far too focused on the little things that you sometimes miss the big picture. Still, you’re a genuinely helpful and reliable person to others and most people tend to look to you for help. You’re also someone who’s good with your hands.

Some people may mistake you for a worry-wart or a hypochondriac; you’re so obsessed with the little bitty details that you start to worry yourself over things that are unlikely to happen. It’s possible that you’re overly nervous as well.

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