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By: Lulu Gleason

Mars in the Fifth House
The Fifth House or in modern astrology the House of Pleasure, is closely associated with the sign of Leo, recreational and leisure act ivies, gambling, children, creative self expression. It is said that when dating a person always look into the 5th house to see how they date. Once a person gets in a more solidified relationship status (like marriage) you would then look in the seventh house. Mars in the fifth house is all about being active in any type of sport, entertainment, and very active hobbies.

With mars in the fifth house you often times see people who love pleasure, and sometimes impulsively pursue romance. There is also the tendency of changing partners often, though it has been said that most people with mars in the fifth house are well admired by friends. Be mindful of discipline it’s hard but once maintained it will leave more room for pleasure.

Mars in the Sixth House
The Sixth House or in modern astrology the House of Health is closely associated with the sign of Virgo, tasks and duties, jobs or employments, overall well-being. Mars is all about action and the Sixth house is all about working so as you could imagine most people with Mars in the Sixth house want an active type of job. 100% dedicated to work, sometimes too much so and it could lead to exhaustion or feeling over worked.

With Mars in this house you’ll find that working independently works best for the individual. Its not that they don’t want to work with others it’s just when they do sometimes arguments could ensue because of inpatients towards other team members. Procrastination is not apart of the vocabulary and when it does happen our mars buddy feels the energy is being wasted. Active jobs suit best using tools or other objects. Be mindful of arguments on the job, it may be simulating for you but not so much for others.

Mars in the Seventh House
The Seventh house or in modern astrology the house of partnerships which is associated with the sign of Libra, close confidante-like relationships, marriage, business partners, agreements, diplomatic relations, and qualities we admire from other partners. With Mars in your 7th house there could be a lot of arguments that would come about due to boredom. Sources say that with Mars in the 7th house you would need challenges within the relationships.

Sometimes relationships are the primary source of conflict within your life. The key word for Mars and the 7th house to coincide is compromise. Making that extra effort to understand other peoples view point. Remember the first house is all about you, the 7th house is how you deal with committed relationships, lawsuits, business relationships, the balance of power issues in a relationship.

Mars in the Eighth House
The Eighth house or in modern astrology the house of reincarnation is associated with the sign of Scorpio. This house deals with sexual intimacy, the ability one has to share deep intimate bonding with other persons, also, inheritance, other people’s money, the occult, taboo matters, and self transformation. Scorpio can be found throughout this house and planet simply because Mar’s is a co-ruler of
Scorpio as well as the ruler of Aries.

You’ll have the knack to see through the false side of people with Mars in this house as well as be a bit on edge about fully being able to compromise or trust others. Mars in this house is pretty active as in lots of physical activity. Mar’s can be a bit impulsive and inside of Scorpio’s house it’s wise to be wary of the amounts of money you’re spending especially if you have access to your spouse’s money.

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