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By: Kal

Mercury in the Seventh House
You’re a person who loves to debate, to think, and to express your opinions. You don’t just love to talk, though; you’re more interested in the discussion that comes with sharing ideas. You see both sides of the debate, pros and cons, and you have a knack for playing devil’s advocate just to stir the pot.

You thirst for communication and an audience for everything you do. You easily become bored with people who don’t share in your interests or anyone who’s generally closed off from long conversations. You’re considered a schemer and possibly manipulative or overanalyzing. Some people might think you to be more deceptive than you actually are.

Mercury in the Eighth House
You like to study people to see what makes them tick. You love to know how everything works, why people act they way they do, what’s taboo to them, etc. You’re an analyzer and you are a strategist. You always look for how you can make people work for you and how you can work for them.

You have a penchant for speaking with authority and you have a great deal of persuasive powers on your side. You love to investigate, learn, and understand everything around you. Unfortunately, some people may find you aloof and quiet and that may make them suspicious of your motives.

Mercury in the Ninth House
You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. You are the sort of person who goes to libraries and takes extra courses because you want to know so much. You love to engage people in discussion just because you love to exchange ideas and philosophies with others.

You aren’t the best at finding the tiny details, but you are always focused on the big picture and you never hesitate to show someone what you’ve learned. You love to see how new experiences and information affect people, especially if it starts a full change.
You are sometimes too quick to offer advice when it’s not necessary and then you don’t always practice what you preach.

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