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By: Kal

Mercury in the Tenth House
Your passion is with language and with communication, regardless of where or who you use it on. You speak with authority and can sound commanding when you speak to others, but you’re known for your negotiating skills with those around you.

You always have something going on and you can often have more than one job at a time in your life. You might change careers frequently, but that’s mostly because you always feel the need to be stimulated by the people and things around you and you always want to be doing something new and exciting.

Mercury in the Eleventh House
You are curious about everything and everyone around you, but you’re mostly interested in the people you see. You’re attracted to the new and exciting, mostly by any ideas and experiences that you’ve never heard of before.

You’re fair and unselfish and you have no misgivings about the people around you. You always want to be contributing something novel on an intellectual level; you want your relationships and your interactions to be meaningful and not trite.

You have a habit of attracting friends who can come and go, and sometimes these people are dishonest. Your curious nature blinds you to their true intentions and that’s something you should be careful of.

Mercury in the Twelfth House
You’re not one to speak up all the time nor are you someone who makes quick and rash decisions. Instead, you require a certain degree of trust in everything you do before you make any judgments. Your intuition is your greatest asset and ally. You’re discreet and secretive.

You tend to overanalyze every situation in front of you out of the instinctual fear that you will be betrayed. In turn, you’re attracted to sentiments, oddities, and paradoxes in your life. You focus on things that are genuine and true, things like emotions, visuals, or representations. If it’s not meaningful, then you don’t trust it.

Because of this trouble with communication, you often feel misunderstood or guilty when people don’t go out of their way to understand you. You have trouble keeping relationships that you don’t find genuine.

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