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By: Alex



As some of you may know, we recently went through another Mercury Retrograde, which lasted from April 28 through May 22. This was one of the worst I have ever been through. Due to some financial problems, I had to pawn my laptop. I had no idea the problems this would cause me.



Then I tried fixing the monitor on my desktop machine so I could write some blogs on it. I took the monitor apart and found 3 bulged capacitors, which I replaced. The monitor was fine, but….



Little did I know, but this was to be the beginning of the end. I had stayed up way too long and
was extremely tired. In my excitement I just kept going. I accidentally pushed down on the CPU fan,
breaking the struts. Then I pulled the whole assembly off the motherboard, something I never do.



Eventually I fixed the CPU fan, but when I put the CPU back into the socket I broke one of the
pins. I put it back in and turned it on. Bad idea. I smelled smoke, never a good sign in electronics.



But wait, there’s more! I kept looking for alternatives. I had bought a small 7” tablet a few weeks ago, which I thought I could use as a backup. I went out and bought a small keyboard for it. Over the next 3 days I tried and tried but it just would not communicate with this tablet, so I ended up returning it. Then I tried running some live distributions of Linux on someone else’s machine, but when I tried to save a blog I had written, the machine just froze up and I lost it all. That’s when I gave up.



At this point I just didn’t know what to think anymore. It seemed everything I did with computers blew up in my face. I’m pretty computer literate; I have built several machines before. It seemed Mercury Retrograde was really out to get me. So I asked Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics, what was going on. The answer was very interesting.



First of all, due to my age, I was in the middle of a Saturn Return. This happens once every 28 years. During Saturn Returns, you get to revisit whatever you haven’t learned yet. Oh Goodie! Kat said that part of the reason this all was happening to me was that I had to learn something about computers.



The second aspect of this situation had to do with pawning the laptop. I eventually realized that since I had used it every night for the last 3 years, I had conditioned myself to have it and use it. It was really a big part of my routine. So when it wasn’t there it really caused problems for me. I really didn’t know what to do without it. Kat said it was how I communicated, I had not thought about that, but it was true. In the last year, using the computer has been increasingly important for me.



Mercury Retrograde also kicked in when I tried to do too much when I was tired (especially working with electronics) and also did things I had never done before, like pulling the CPU. And then I made some very stupid mistakes, like putting a broken CPU back in.



I was lucky that I had managed to fix the monitor, but it was ironic that I destroyed the CPU and motherboard later on. Sometimes the things you think are going to be problems, aren’t. I’ve seen that before, but it’s always surprising when it happens to you.



Anyway, now I have the laptop back, thanks to the generosity of my girlfriend, who stood by and watched in a kind of daze at the trail of destruction as this all unfolded. Fortunately Mercury went direct towards the end of it, with me in complete shock and disbelief. Now I’m asking – is this really all over? Like a horror movie, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.



I think the moral of the story is to be very careful during Mercury Retrograde. And don’t sacrifice the things you really rely on and need and use every day, especially if not having them will cause a big disruption in your life. And maybe (for me, at least) there’s no substitute for the real thing.



Kat told me this was kind of a preview to show what could happen if I did it again. I hope I have learned enough from this that I won’t have to go through anything like this – ever.



My father once said that some things in life are like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer. Why? Because it feels so good when you stop!




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