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By: Alex



When a Full Moon seems bigger than usual, it is called a “Super Moon.” The moon appears

bigger and brighter because it is closer to the Earth. During a Full Moon, people’s emotions can become

more exaggerated. With a Super Moon, this effect can become even stronger.



The last Super Moon took place when Mercury was Retrograde, adding additional intensity to

the planetary alignment. Mercury Retrogrades are known for poor communications and problems with

cars, phones, computers and other electronic devices. Honestly, I don’t look forward to them.



In my particular case, I felt a great deal of frustration. Everything just seemed to slow to a

crawl. Finances were particularly bad. I had bought something I wanted on my birthday and assumed

everything would be ok. Unfortunately a few days later the car battery died. Then my girlfriend had to

go into the hospital. All this cost over $300. Although I had the money for these things, I still had to

borrow money to get through until the next paycheck. Later on, I thought seriously about leaving my

job. I like my job but it doesn’t pay enough. The financial frustration was pretty strong when I realized

that my car expenses were higher than I had thought.



When I talked to one of Foretell’s psychics about it, she seemed to think that my wanting to

leave my job was largely due to the Super Moon’s effects. I haven’t left my job but I still think about it

from time to time.



More recently, I spoke to a friend who had to endure a fairly intense situation. During the

Mercury Retrograde period she was under a great deal of scrutiny from her boss, but she couldn’t

understand why. She was still learning how to do things, so her boss was constantly looking over her

shoulder. In addition, since there was a lot of work to do, she had to work evenings and weekends just

to keep up.



She was just trying to do her job, but everything seemed to be backing up. She eventually

realized that her boss was holding on to key documents for long periods of time and this was causing

problems for other people further down the line. The strain finally broke, but not before she had an

outburst. I wondered – did the Super Moon strike again?



If you are in an intense situation, you might want to find out if there is a Super Moon or

Mercury Retrograde going on. These are the astrological aspects that tend to cause a lot of problems for

people and relationships. Put them together and it’s quite a combination. The next Mercury Retrograde

is in October.



Knowing about something like this can sometimes help defuse intense situations. If it’s just a

fluctuation in the “astrological weather”, that can make the situation easier to endure. It can give you

hope that things will be different in the future. Hopefully, then you can relax and not take the situation

so seriously. And if not, you can always call one of Foretell’s psychics…





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