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By: Alex




In the last few days I noticed some odd things going on. Someone drove through my yard, which is kind of hard to do since it’s so small. Then I got locked behind the gate at work – something I had always feared but had never happened.


The biggest shock was realizing that after almost 6 years as a security guard, I am actually ready to get a new job. I realized that I’ve had enough of this and I wanted something better, something different. I’m ready to make the change and that really surprised me. But that’s how life goes.


I asked Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics, whether she thought that weird things were going on and if so, what that was all about. Her first question was “Do you think they’re here?” I said yes.


Kat never seems to waste any time in getting down to the bottom of a situation. By “they” she meant the ET’s, who show up from time to time. Kat explained that she had been asking to be taught what we needed to learn – in this case to be ready for the upcoming Ice Age. The ET’s had apparently been doing some strange things to get our attention.


For example, there was the beautiful red fox had that walked a few feet in front of me a few nights ago while I was in my car. I just looked up and saw it around 3 am. It was looking under some other parked cars, so I guess it was hunting something. It surprised me because although I had seen foxes many times before, they usually trot through the lot at a pretty good clip, so you don’t see them for very long. This one was stopped, at least for a few moments to check something out.


Kat said that the fox had thanked me because I did not hurt her or try to kill her. That kind of surprised me – of course I would not do something like that. But apparently many other people have. I was up north, out in the boonies so to speak and I guess people don’t take kindly to foxes up there. She also said I should talk to these animals.


These odd kinds of occurrences were apparently orchestrated by the ET’s to help us remember things. Kat said they wanted us to remember Atlantis – not the bad stuff like the experiments they did on us – but the good things, like being able to communicate with the fish and other sea creatures.


For example, during one of Kat’s past lives in Atlantis, she talked to the dolphins, while I worked with sharks. The sea animals, believe it or not, were used like probes to go out and get information (data) about the ocean and the life in it. They would come back to special docks at Atlantis, where Kat would put a curved metal plate over their blow holes and retrieve this information. Later she would process it or catalogue it somehow.


The data collected was about the health and energy levels of the oceans and the atmosphere, and even the earth itself. Although the information collection was ongoing, I think it served larger purposes and in larger time frames than most of us could comprehend.


So what does all this have to do with the future?


In the future, things are going to be very different from the way they are now. There are a lot of things we take for granted, such as automobiles for example, that we may not be able to use in the future. Kat has said for a long time that we will be going back to the horse and buggy days.


The US will be most likely become subdivided into several large regions because of massive shifts in the earth. This will limit travel quite a bit and our ways of living will become quite a bit more regional in nature. We will have to rely on each other more and we will have to do this in spite of cultural differences.


Remembering things like having a close connection to the animals, could help us in the future. Our ability to notice things and be able to react to them, or being able to listen to and talk to the animals and the earth itself could become very important. And just acknowledging our connection with them could help us in a big way, just knowing we are not here alone and that there is a larger purpose to our existence.



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