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By: Alex



In the last few months I have noticed something I’ve never noticed before. There have been times when it seemed as if the Universe was trying to tell me something.


The first time it happened, I had just gotten off work and was at a gas station filling up the car. The guy next to me had trouble starting his car and asked me for a boost. While this was happening I noticed something  strange but at the time I really felt like nobody was listening to me.


When I asked one of Foretell’s psychics about it I said “Is the Universe trying to tell me that there are some people who are actually listening to me?” I phrased this question this way because it seemed the most logical, plausible answer that I could think of. The psychic said yes. After that I had to let go of the idea that nobody was listening to me because obviously that was not the case.


It seemed pretty clear to me, by whatever mechanism you want to ascribe to it, that the Universe does at times send us messages. I personally think this guy was sent to me to tell me, through his actions, what I needed to hear: there are people listening to you. It was up to me to figure out what was actually happening. I was fortunate to have access to a psychic who could verify it.


Another similar incident happened tonight, but in a different way. I work as a security guard at a remote location. Last week we had a lot of rain. So much in fact that last week I was not able to get to the site for two days because the access road was flooded. One night I stood at the top of a hill nearby and saw a lake where a road should be. It was disconcerting to say the least.


Tonight it started raining a few hours into my shift. Normally, rain does not concern me much. For some reason tonight the rain scared me so much that I left the site three times to check on the access road and make sure that I could get through when it was time to go home.


Eventually I realized that I was going to be able to go home when the time came and that I could stop worrying about it.


Later on, it occurred to me that the rain might be sending us a message. When I asked one of Foretell’s psychics about it she said “Prepare for the worst.” I already have a few ideas about what that could mean, so it’s not really like it’s anything new. But it was the urgency behind it that got me. I just thought we would have more time.


However you interpret it, the Universe is telling us things. It’s up to us to listen.



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  1. I believe that the universe would state somewhere that yes it is a good thing or that is a good thought to have to you wanting to then add on sometimes so that good thought will leave you with another one and becoming a new person in how you will start to behave leave you with and option of changing what else is inside good for you good things will have to come but which will have to come first.

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