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By: Mark Smith


Meditation is a good way to heal your soul and body. In the mist of daily chaos we don’t spend much time to be in contact with our inner self. Meditation allows a person to be in touch with his soul, which helps him relax and calm down and combat stress.


I want to draw your attention to a very basic question in life. Are you happy? Are you contended with what you have? If not, then perhaps you are reading the right article. The most basic thing in our life is to be happy and experience joy. But are we experiencing it? I know the answer will be a big NO. What do you think is the reason? I will tell you. Life as we know it today exists in complexity and sophistication. We all want success in life, earn more and become more sophisticated, but the truth is, life cannot be enjoyed in sophistication. A person needs to be free from all these inhibitions and experience pleasure in small things.


People work day and night to make ends meet. They are stressed out; don’t have time for their family, for they and their daily life are so chaotic that ultimately they start to die a slow painful death. They never feel that they are sinking in, as the pressure to perform as an employee, father, mother, aunt etc. is very overwhelming. The stress and pressure cause psychological and physical wear and tear. People start to acquire diseases and suffer from health issues.


What can you do to navigate through these worldly problems?


There are many ways by which you can make yourself resistant to any kind of stress and pressure. One of the most effective ways of dealing with this issue is by engaging yourself in meditation. Meditation is a tool by which a person can divert his attention to his inner self. It is nothing but a practice to teach yourself to concentrate and connect with your innermost desires. When you train yourself to sit in a calm and quiet place and start introspecting, it relaxes your mind, body and soul.


Spiritual techniques are very ancient and have been mentioned in various writings of different civilizations. These techniques are tried and tested and have been said to have healing powers. When you employ any of the meditation techniques, you are coming in contact with yourself. Turning all your energies inwards, you are allowing yourself to have an insight about you.


When you introspect, you will be able to curb on your instincts, will want to take things easy, handle stress and most of all find peace and tranquility. Thus anyone who is looking for attaining good health and spiritual healing, he or she should consider mediation as an option. Apart from meditation, yoga has also proved very useful for healing your body and soul.




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