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By: Lulu Gleason


So we’re back again but with the Air Signs, as promised. Most of us have gotten the impression that Air Signs are the flighty bunch of the zodiac. You would expect these set of signs prone to splurges and unable to balance their finances in a way that would be beneficial to the future. I would say your half right. These are the signs that can change with the times and usually are on the forefront of what’s popular and new. Though thinking about the future can be a bit daunting to these set of signs. Still it doesn’t mean that they can’t reach their goals.


Money in General – Gemini’s have a horrible time making sure regular deposits happen into a savings account. Now this isn’t to say all Gemini’s have this issue but you’ve got to admit remembering these minor tasks can take some added effort on their part. Fortunately enough we live in a day and age where computers and online banking make things easier. If Gemini takes advantage of the automatic systems to help reach their financial goals this will help combat the worry they tend to have over money.
Spending Habits – Gemini’s tend to worry about money quite a lot. It’s just how they roll in life. They are the sign of the twins and have two sides to the story. One side can scrimp and save while the other can splurge and blow through all the cash. A closer eye on that spending side is the key when trying to live in harsh economic times.
Career Advice – This is a sign that will be the ones who do things at the beat of their own drum. They are up to date with the newest developments in whatever field they find themselves in. Routine is boring so something fast pace or gives creative room to the way things are done are ideal. Gemini’s like to find out what people need and then give great ideas of how to reach those needs.


Money in General – Beauty is very important to Libra to the point that they can put themselves into debt for it. Libra must find the less expensive rout if financial security is to be met. Not to say they can’t save money, but it’s not something that’s at the forefront of their mind.
Spending Habits – A solid plan needs to be made in order for Libra to be successful in balancing their checkbooks. A savings plan might be a great start. Sometimes the finer things in life seem to call out to this sign and they just can’t resist the urge to buy that pretty new dress or have the best entertainment at parties. Priorities the account by making sure all the bills are paid and whatever is left should be used on what brings joy.
Career Advice – This is a flexible sign capable of doing just about anything as long as there is no stress involved. As a suggestion I would say focus on a career in personal or human resources due to the incredible skill of diplomacy.


Money in General – Aquarius are already known to be a bit off beat. So why wouldn’t that be the case involving finances? High tech devices tend to drawl these people in so spending habits lean towards getting that great new iPhone 5 before practical needs. Remembering to pay the bills before going out to shop at favorite stores might be something this sign needs to do.
Spending Habits – If this sign desires something eventually they will get it. Might take them a while but they will eventually get what they want. This is the sign known to be the ultimate saver and spender. The habits change often and usually based upon what their mood is. As a funny side note most Aquarius will either have all the cash or be a hair line fracture of being close. There is no in between.
Career Advice – Tell them what you expect and give them the freedom to achieve that and you couldn’t have a happier sign. Supervisors need to understand that this sign won’t accomplish anything if you stand over their shoulder. They are very reliable until that moment when you can’t butt out or expect them to do things a certain way. They can practically work all day with one exception. They need a break to re-energize and give that 100% on the job.


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