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By: Lulu Gleason


Oh yes, the Earth signs of the zodiac. As promised I’m back this week giving some insight to the signs and money. In normal circumstances Earth signs are the stead fast and hard working group of the zodiac. In tough economic times they’ve been known to be even more stingy and selective in their purchases than any other group of the zodiac. Don’t get me wrong, there still an air of extravagance and a want to have the finer things in life. But this group knows how to do this as well as save a pretty penny. Shall we take a closer look at how true this can be?


Money in General – This is the sign that just knows what to do with money. They can hang on to it better than any other sign. They’ve got the key wisdom to how money works and how to keep hold of it. Some suggest that they are stingy or frugal and as a side note of caution Taurus you need to share in order to gain the full benefits of happiness with money and people.
Spending Habits – Money is something that is constantly on the mind of a Taurus. Being secure is something that is very important to them and what better way to have security than financially? It’s all about quality more so than quantity, investments, and estate holdings. Even if you find a Taurus who’s terrible with money chances are they have a partner who makes good money.
Career Advice – This is a hard working sign and can endure long hours of patient study with plenty of details. Security is the most important factor when it comes to career options. No security, no Taurus.


Money in General – Oh Virgo, stop taking on work that won’t pay you a living wage. You should be making sure you can serve others by making sure your basic needs are met. Not to say Virgos are not a hard worker or incapable of saving money but seriously Virgo don’t let others walk all over you just so you can get the gratification of helping.
Spending Habits – This is a person you want to go shopping with if you are on a budget. They can literally smell a great sale a mile away and are capable of getting more for their buck than any other. Virgos are savers and usually VERY picky about what it is they will spend money on. My only word of caution is be careful who you loan money out to. Remember, don’t let others take advantage.
Career Advice – There’s an air of great love for the outdoors for this particular sign. They love to see things grow and they love to nurture things so that they can grow. You’ll most likely see these individuals in a field where they are either taking care of people or animals. If given a huge responsibility like a leadership role and you might not get the best from them. Being in the spotlight seems to make things weird and complicated to Virgo.


Money in General – This is a steadfast sign and is more than capable of making sure nothing goes wrong financially. But I must say they should not confuse money and love! Feelings and finances don’t mix and my biggest suggestion to you is keep them far away from each other.
Spending Habits – Most people would classify this sign as very cheap. They are very careful about their money almost as well as Taurus. They can live within their means and usually very cautious of what they will spend money on. Sure they can be stingy with money but when it comes to the people they love those purse strings literally open up wide. Deep down they are an extremely generous people.
Career Advice – This is one of the work-a-hollics of the zodiac. I say this mostly because they have been known to ignore family and friends for the sake of their social or professional status. You’ll generally seem them in such positions as surveying, politics, or farming because of the strong connection to traditions and social norms. You’ll see them in top positions of any field due to two things. They are not insecure and they can make practical decisions.


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