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By: Lulu Gleason


It’s that time of year again when people are going crazy about politics, climate changes, and getting that sickly feeling every dollar coming in is going right back out. Astrologically speaking the signs are a great way to help guide you towards the direction you felt you’ve been lacking so let’s start with the fiery group of the zodiac and see what it is they’ve got going for them in the world of finances.


Money in General – Impulsive usually comes to mind when dealing with Aries and finances. Make sure when dealing with money you take the time to hear what advice and opinions are given. It will definitely be better in the long run.
Spending Habits – Aries you are a bit of a spender with a horrible habit of loving the thrill of your purchasing power. If you can overcome the urges there will be no stopping the amount of money that can be saved. Think of saving as a challenging goal.
Career Advice – To go where no man has gone before really does apply to you and how you feel in regards to life and work. Action, competition and trying out new techniques will certainly get you going. Dull atmospheres, routine, and details are not a good thing to or for Aries – even if they take it on as a challenge.


Money in General – Luxury and Leo just seem to go hand in hand. Instead of getting worried or upset over not being able to achieve theses indulgences try to find creative ways to get that feeling of luxury without it breaking you financially.
Spending Habits – Another big spender of the zodiac Leo you like to indulge not only yourselves but the ones you love. Generous to a fault but are known shopaholics and tend to hate having to deny themselves anything… and seldom do.
Career Advice – Leo’s need something where they can express themselves and everyone knows it. Working where someone will directly benefit from there service (and are given appreciation for it) is especially ideal for them. They need the appreciation and opportunity but not if it’s at the cost of their honor.


Money in General – Just like they are in their lives Sagittarius are adventurous with money. When Sagittarius spends they spend big. Luckily they usually will make sure everything is in order before that major purchase.
Spending Habits – In the more youthful day’s money wasn’t something Sagittarius took into account and it’s not uncommon that Sagittarius was in debt by their twenties. Luckily as they age they become savvier in their spending. This luck comes from the fact that they were born with abundant Jupiter as their ruling planet.
Career Advice – There are 3 things Sagittarius needs in a work place which are Change, Freedom and Challenge. They’ve got a lot of potential in any field they choose. They are the eternal student which gives them the ability to learn through out their lives and this gives them a chance to perfect themselves.


Fire signs you need to keep close watch over your penny’s and hopefully you’ll be exactly where you want to be with the knowledge that saving means making sacrifices but with long term happiness in mind you’ll realize they aren’t sacrifices but stepping stones to a secure financial future with all the comforts you wish. Join me next week where I’ll go over the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) and money.


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  1. I’ve been reading into this for a while now. I have always been bad with money. Being a sag I know I have the impulsiveness working against me and also I am manic and when I get something in my head that I want, I need to get it then. I’ve gotten a bit better with my spending habits these days. I’m in my late 20’s and I value my pennies much more these days…I need to watch out for online shopping binges though haha. Anyways, thanks for the great blog. You have a lot of good and helpful tips on here. I bookmarked this page. Looking forward to reading more!

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