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By Lulu Gleason


Last but certainly not least are the water signs of the zodiac. Now this group of signs tends to have more of an emotional link with money. Unlike Fire, Earth and Air signs, Water has this horrible habit of linking how they spend money on how they feel towards a person. Unsure what I’m talking about? Well you’ll see once we go through each of the water signs.



Money in General – Cancer has this habit where they will tend to give everything they have in order to take care of family. This isn’t a bad thing but it does tend to leave their wallets empty. This does not mean they can’t make some good money. In fact the crab is very good at hording it away when they need to. Here’s a fun fact. There are more self made millionaires under this zodiac sign than any other. The key to their success is attributed to owning their own business.

Spending Habits – Cancers tend to be either one way or another with money. They can either save it away by being frugal or spend it like crazy on the people they love. One thing’s for sure it they like to spend money on their home and improving it.

Career Advice – This is a sign that can fit into just about any work environment. But there are things that are a certain fact. They need a daily routine and no sudden changes to that routine. Career is very important to this sign because it gives them a sense of being able to take care of the home. They need something dealing with doing well for the community so I would suggest any type of career where they can take care of someone.



Money in General – Oh Scorpio, leave your emotions out of your finances and all should be well. Scorpio’s have a powerful energy to generate money. But being the power house has its price and it’s usually power that’s being fought over. Scorpio needs to be less stingy with money if they feel crossed by working it out another way.

Spending Habits – This sign generally doesn’t mind paying for something that’s considered very important. It’s the small things they don’t really think about and usually file them away in the ‘I don’t care’ file. But being the sign of secrets it would not be surprising to find out there were a few secret places they’ve hidden away money. No one will ever truly know how much money Scorpio really has. They like it that way.

Career Advice –They like to be busy and love anything that’s going to take them beyond the limit. They have heavy demands and it’s encouraged to get them to go above and beyond in reaching new heights. There’s just one minor issue to this sign and that’s being able to switch off their brain once work is done. This is the original work-a-holic of the zodiac by being devoted, disciplined and efficient in their field of work. Power is very important and they are more then comfortable with it so don’t be surprised if you see this sign in a high powered position. In fact expect it.



Money in General – This sign can usually get taken advantaged of when it comes to money. By making sure the facts are known before making some life changing purchases might come in handy… if all else fails have a Virgo around to help you. Here’s a fun fact there are more millionaire born under this sign than any other (not to be confused with Cancer’s self made millionaires)

Spending Habits – This sign has a knack of drawling money to them, and can spend it like crazy. Balance is certainly needed. Pisces can have those nice things, but be wary of others who would want to take advantage of what is offered. Too many a story has come where a Pisces has lost money to ex friends, spouse, and or business partners.

Career Advice – This is a sign with certain needs. They generally know what those needs are and should cater a career to meet those needs. They like to put their heart and soul into the work they do because there’s a sense of fulfillment. They need to be in a field where the special talent they have can be nurtured. They are very dedicated and can unfortunately be deeply discouraged if anything should stop them from reaching their goals.


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