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By: Alex938114_blue_pearl

When the subject of past lives comes up, many people just shrug it off. They think it is some esoteric concept, along with karma, just part of some people’s belief system. Worse yet, they reject it completely because it doesn’t fit into their religious beliefs.

Nevertheless, in a strange way, if you think about it logically, karma, the law of cause and effect, makes sense. We have so many experiences in just one lifetime. Look at all the connections each of us has – to our parents, our siblings, the people we work with, the people we went to school with, the people we grew up with. Could that all be by chance? Hardly. The universe is a lot more connected than we think it is.

It makes sense that if we have had a traumatic event in one lifetime, especially if it was at the time of death, that we would have made some kind of decision or judgment about it and carried it forward into all of our subsequent lifetimes.
Just as in physics, the law of “equal and opposite actions”, the law of karma makes sense.

Good begets good and evil attracts itself in the same way. We keep repeating the patterns we have generated until, like knots in a piece of rope, we begin to release and untie them. We keep coming back time and time again until we have released and forgiven ourselves and others and have learned all that we need to learn. Then we get to teach that to others.

I don’t wish to offend anyone here but I believe that Jesus Christ knew about past lives, karma, cause, effect, and that he may actually have taught these things. For example, he said “new skins for new wine.” What do you think that was about? I think he meant that you have to change the inside first, and then the outside has to change.

So many people don’t understand this. They want things to be a certain way in their lives, but they don’t understand that they have to do the inner work first, and then their life will take on a new form.

A good question to ask would be “What kind of person would I have to become in order to have (state the condition you desire) in my life?” I believe a very unfortunate incident happened a long time ago. I checked this out with one of
Foretell’s psychics. I think Jesus’ teachings on karma were originally in the Bible, but they were removed some time after he was crucified.

I was told that yes, there was a wife of a Roman emperor named Josephine who had these teachings removed from the Bible because she couldn’t handle the thought of what that meant. She must have had a lot of karma that she didn’t want to deal with.

The end result – well, look at our world. I think a lot of what is going on in our world is the “snowballing” of hundreds and thousands and millions of years of karma. If people had known the truth about karma, instead of having had it swept under the rug, maybe things would have been different. However, we have so many huge problems now, and they seem to have so much momentum behind
Them, it seems it would take a huge miracle to change the course of history.

A few years ago, I began to wonder about freedom. In our country, the United States of America, we take it for granted that we are “free.” But is that really the case? How free are we? If you begin to seriously look at this, you will find the answer quite disconcerting, and it has to do with karma.

If we are in fact, more or less “driven” by our karma then how could we possibly be free? It is quite tragic that our country in particular and the world in general has turned out the way it has. There is a lot of concern about the problems in the world today – global warming, economic meltdowns, frauds, and scandals and who knows what else is lurking behind the scenes.

Most people understandably feel quite helpless in the face of all this. Rather than focus on the outside world, it is better to work on one self. When we change, the world has to change also.

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