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By: J Nighteagle



Music or more basically sound has been a great tool for assistance in achieving ones desired state of mind for many, many thousands of years (even before modern man spoke his first word). There is a certain vibration or sound that stimulates the part of the human brain that is associated with meditation and or prayer (of all faiths); this includes chimes, bells, crickets, mantras, chants, and the sound of silence to name just a few.


Certain assisting aspects of sound can be measured scientifically however, scientific research has only just began, as we are aware of, certain aspects can not be statistically recorded (yet); The study of how human individual behavior is motivated by sound (prayer, meditation, general behavior) is a part of Transpersonal Psychology.


Choir music, or music in general has been and still is used to motivate and assist in creating a desired frame of thought. As we have evolved as human beings so have our tools and methods and sounds. The modern human thorax or voice box is unlike that of any other creature known to man, and appears designed. The modern human voice box is responsible for modern humans ability to speak and form languages.


Sound as a key factor in the evolution of all nature. The sound of a mantra, or chant (group or individual), bell, ratel or chime, forest or desert sounds can assist in various types of meditations and prayers weather it is group or individual. Brahms and Beethoven (all classical composers were commissioned by the church to create a mood or feeling) to name a couple of the greatest composers of all time only created master pieces after commission by the church or wealthy families. Classical compositions were way out of reach to common folk however the power of sound has been known sense the beginning; from cricket to composer.


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