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By: Erin




As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, everyday I like to pull a single card from my new tarot deck and give myself a “Daily Focus” reading. This type of reading is good for a few reasons; one it doesn’t take a lot of time so if you have a busy schedule you can do it in the amount of time it takes to brush your teeth, and two it really does help me find what I need to focus on and pay close attention to that day.


This morning I shuffled my deck and asked what my focus should be on, cut the cards and chose The Five of Wands.


As I read what the card represented I chuckled a bit knowing that Monday’s are very busy for me, especially today. I have a to-do list a mile long and as I clocked in this morning I panicked a bit wondering how I was going to get all of the tasks completed but then I thought of my daily focus card.


The Meaning of The Five of Wands:


What it represents- Feeling scattered, lack of focus, feeling lost.


The five of wands is a card of conflict. I may find myself scattered and distracted, tending to everything and nothing. Wands usually deal with goals so the conflict resides within. Take this card as a warning: find ways to bring calm to my mind or these problems will increase.


What I got from this was that I needed to take a few minutes to myself and get my mind right before starting some of my tasks. I made myself some tea, did a few jumping jacks to get my blood pumping and relieve some stress, then started with easy tasks like replying to emails etc. I know I tend to get overwhelmed easily and pulling this card today helped me see that I need to take time to myself so that I don’t…basically have a nervous breakdown. Haha.


These daily focus readings really help open your eyes to bigger things that might be causing you troubles in your everyday life. Take time for yourself if you feel overwhelmed. Things will get done.


Writing this blog is one more thing off my checklist. See, making progress.




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