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By: Erin




Recently I received a new tarot deck and I have been trying to become familiar with the cards and their meanings by giving myself daily readings. Sometimes I will give myself different spreads and do a full on reading but I have gotten into the habit of no matter how busy I am, everyday I make sure I turn to my deck and pull a “daily focus” card.


Everyday I get out my tarot deck and shuffle the cards and ask “What should I focus on today?” or I will ask “What is in store for me today?” and then I will cut the deck and pull the top card.


Today I was very happy to pull the 9 of Cups. It’s always a nice card to see as it represents bliss and harmony. The 9 of cups is known as the card that grants wishes and banishes fears and worries. Good health, happiness and possibly even material gains could be headed my way.


I’ll take it.

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