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By: Erin



Where to start? Well, it was intense. In a great way. I left feeling amazing and clear- mind, body, and soul. First let me begin by telling you all that The Autumn Goddess Retreat was a local festival over the weekend that supported a local domestic violence center in my community.


There’s food, music, workshops, art, performances, interactive performances and drum circles, practitioners and healers, local vendors and there were even some tarot readers there. I didn’t get a reading because I prefer to get phone readings though.


Me and my friends were so overwhelmed with everything that was there. We started with the aromatherapy side of the festival and my friend signed up for a free 15 minute table massage using essential oils. I had purchased a small jar of sugar scrub with do Terra essential oils lavender and wild orange. It smells amazing and I used it last night and tonight and It feels wonderful.


After that we walked along and there was a bunch of art and more aromatherapy stations and we were looking at all of the stuff and got free candles that smelled amazing compliments of the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County. We then went and watched some more of the performers which at that time were some improv belly dancers and they were awesome. After they did their performance they then taught us how to do the art of belly dancing.


We then went inside where we found free samples from a local place called The Salt Vault. They gave us cute little satin bags filled with a sample bag of their Himalayan Salt Detox Bath. It’s made up of 84 essential materials and it’s good for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It cleanses the bacteria, toxins, and other debris in the skin and restores energy levels with the relaxation it provides.


We then went over to a Reiki master who had a table full of pendants for sale that are for healing or strengthening different things in different people. She tried the BioDisc first (for expanding energy, raises vibration, and clearing and lightening.) I didn’t feel anything. She then held up a couple more one of them The Star (emotional balance, dancing energy, joyful and uplifting) gave me a warm feeling in my 3rd eye area but she asked if she could try one more first before settling on that one and I said yes. She then held up The Heart.


The Heart expands the heart chakra and love, it also strengthens lungs and heart. When she held that up to me I felt like I was being lifted off the ground and being pushed back. I’m not a small girl, when that happened I was so overwhelmed she asked if I was okay and I said yeah and explained what I felt and she said that was the one for me then. I purchased it and wore it around for a while but had to take it off after a little while because it was super powerful because my mind was so free at that point. I am wearing it now though.


We then went back up to the outside and watched more performances and participated in a drum circle which was super fun being a part of that. It was calming and took me away to another world for 30 minutes too. I felt in tune with everyone even though I probably wasn’t. (haha) My friends 4 month old was so relaxed he fell asleep to the sound of the drum circle. At that point I was so relaxed I probably could have fallen asleep as well.


We then walked back down and went to the other side of the building and there were more venders and healers over on the side. There was a sound healer who took a didgeridoo and some other tools and helped us relax with healing sounds and vibrations. I’ve never had anything like that done before so I thought that was very neat.


(My Favorite) I walked over to this booth full of bracelets and I was immediately drawn to one but kept looking at others and the lady and her daughter explained to me that you’re supposed to pick the one you’re immediately drawn to because theres a reason I’m drawn to it she then lifted up the box the bracelet was on and there was a card, mine read “Blue Goldstone – Opalite – Swarovski. Stone of ambition/builds energy/courage/positive attitude. Increases drive/confidence/helps reduce stomach tension/benefits arthritic conditions. Helpful to bones/ painful joints/circulation. Considered an all-around healing stone/helps combat fatigue. It also purifies the blood/kidneys. Useful in improving communication on all levels. Alleviates depression promotes relaxation. Master healer.


I love it! Its beautiful and it has the Philly “Love” charm on it and a sun and moon toggle clasp. Its very pretty and I love that it called to me and it has everything I need. I am wearing that now as well.


I then got a fist sized chunk of Citrine that vibrated energy when i held my hand over it so I had to get it its sitting next to me on my desk right now. Citrine is said to cleanse the aura and promote a happy disposition. It helps you overcome intellectual and emotional issues. It also has a positive influence on relationships, and helping perceive obstacles and their solution in an intelligent and optimistic manner.


Citrine relates to the 3rd chakra which is all about self-esteem, personal power and abundance. Basically being able to trust yourself making it possible to exercise your personal power in a responsible way and make good decisions. In turn, those decisions may lead to an abundance including but not limited to money. It can also help fight depression and mood swings because of the effect it has on mental clarity.



All in all it was an exciting day and I’m still riding the high from all of the clarity I got from the day. I have all my special goodies from the day too that will last me forever (except the sugar scrub but now I know how to make it) and I have a clear mind and I feel better about life and I feel wonderful.





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