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By: Erin



I figured in the spirit of Halloween (no pun intended) I would write a bit about a few experiences I’ve had with some of Foretell’s mediums. I guess I should give a little bit of my story in a nutshell before going into the details about my reading.


In August 2011 I lost my best friend. It broke me. I had spent everyday with him until the morning before he was killed I had to leave town for a job interview and I told him to wait for me and don’t go anywhere until I get back. Unfortunately he didn’t listen because he had some things that were very dear to him that he needed to get back from someone from his past and next thing I know… I get a phone call…


I never felt any kind of closure. I was so angry and hurt and confused… I still am, but not as much, because after talking to a few different mediums I over the last 2 years about it they are able to tell me that he is finally okay with where he is, so I should be too.


The first time I read with one of Foretell’s mediums they said he wasn’t ready to go and he was angry that he was where he was and went the way he did. And I knew it was true because he wanted so much out of life. She told me that he didn’t want me to be angry though. I thought that was, in a way funny, because he knew that at that time I was so blinded by rage that I would stop at nothing to bring the person that contributed to his death down.


“He has a message for you” the psychic said.

“Really?” I asked. At this point I was crying there was no hiding it.

“He said to tell you ‘for now just let it be…’”


I lost it. There was no doubt in my mind that this was my best friend connecting with me through this medium. The Beatles were his favorite band and he was buried in a Beatles shirt, at his memorial service his service card had the lyrics to “Let It Be” on the back and they played the song before the burial.


My second time speaking to a Foretell medium was about six or seven months after my reading with the first psychic. Also, this time I was testing a potential psychic for our line so I had, what I call, “my wall” up. I’m a very hard read because I don’t give anything away and “my wall” helps tell me if these psychics have true gifts and will be able to read someone who is tough to read.


At first I asked for a general reading. He was very accurate in everything that he was telling me and touched on a lot of stuff that had actually just come up in my life that week career wise. Then he asked if there was anything else I wanted to focus on and I asked if there was anyone on the other side that he saw around me.


He started describing a tall, slender, light skinned male with brown hair and eyes who looked to be in his early 20’s. I gasped. I knew right away it was my best friend. The psychic began to tell me that this young gentleman had a great light around him. He then asked me “did your friend have another close friend or brother that passed as well? He is with another gentleman a bit older than him and I feel they have a very close bond, almost brother-like.”


I got very choked up because my friend’s older brother had passed away a few years back. I guess hearing that I was a bit choked up the psychic told me “I believe your friend is passing me this message of him and this person to say that he is happy where he is. He is with someone he loves.”


The third and most recent reading I got with one of Foretell’s mediums, even though almost six months ago now, still sticks in my head as if it was yesterday and was the last reading I got about my friend. I got so much closure from this particular reading. When I first asked this particular psychic to tune into my friend she got very silent and I heard her voice break a bit like she was almost scared to ask me the next few words…


“I’m sorry.” She said. I remember hearing the words come out of her mouth and just the way she said this sticks with me to this day. “Forgive me but this whole situation I’m seeing is just – terrible. Your friend was taken very spitefully, wasn’t he?” I answered


“Yes.” After she described a bit about him and the situation and how he felt about it and what he wanted me to get out of it I felt a great weight lifted off of my heart.


The next part of my reading really touched me. She asked “do you feel him when you’re driving?” I laughed and said “you might think this is crazy but I actually see him sometimes in my rear view mirror and feel him all the time when I am in my car.” She said “well he is telling me he is always with you in the car because that’s where you are most free and happy and he wants me to tell you that he misses your drives and listening to music and most specifically your ‘little talks’ if that means something to you.”


I thought that was awesome because there is a song called Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men that actually didn’t get famous until a while after he passed away and whenever I hear it I cry and think of my friend and I send a kiss to the sky for him.


About 4 days before he passed we were staying in a hotel and we made each other beaded bracelets and I wore the one he made me until it broke. They were just made out of cheap string and little beads but when it broke I kept it in a drawer but I didn’t know where it was because I had moved several times. Anyways, I hate to say it but I had forgotten about this bracelet…


The psychic began to tell me at the end of the reading “we only have about a minute left but your friend wants me to tell you that he made you something before he passed, it’s black and red…look for it in a black shoe box or a black box of some sort.”


Our call got cut off at that point. After the call I was rearranging some things in my desk drawer and I have a black box-like drawer organizer for my desk drawer and I actually keep one of his service cards from his viewing in my drawer and I picked up the service card and under it was the broken bracelet. I had told one of the other girls in the office about my reading before hand and when I found the bracelet I just sat there open mouthed and lifted it up and looked at her.


“Oh my God.” Was all I could say for about 20 minutes. I told her where I found it and she said “wow, that was fast.”
I have found so much comfort working with the mediums at Foretell. They truly are gifted. I know it is a touchy subject and people don’t understand why someone would want to communicate or channel someone on the other side but sometimes people just need to find closure and know that their loved ones are okay.


Thank you to all of Foretell’s wonderful mediums who have helped me and others find closure and comfort in these matters.


Little Talks

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  1. This is a beautiful, touching story. I hope others are able to gain such peace and closure through similar experiences.

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