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By: Michelle




In the early morning hours of Friday,October 10th of last month, I unfortunately had to have one of my cats put to sleep. I got him when he was a kitten and he was three when he passed. He should still be here. His name was Dances with Toes but everyone called him Little Toes or Toes. I wanted to give him a Native American sounding name and he used to mess with people’s feet.


He had bad anemia and the vet didn’t know for sure what was causing it but it was something bad. I couldn’t afford a lot and it wasn’t easy but I had them put him to sleep. I had a reading about Little Toes with one of our psychics, Spirit. One of her specialties is pet psychic readings. The first thing I will say that Spirit said regarding Little Toes was that he was a “looving cat”. She emphasized loving like that. That is true about him. She said that he has a girlfriend as well now. She also stated that he was born with what he had-the condition or disease that is.


She thought that it was like parvo that puppies get. Spirit stated that no matter what I could have done, he would have passed when he did anyway. I also asked about my other cat who is still alive. Her name is Luna. I asked her if she knows that Little Toes passed. She said that she does and she sees him sometimes. Spirit stated that Luna misses Toes and she is very sad about his passing. I told Spirit that I get sad sometimes too. She told me that Little Toes wants me to remember him by the goofy things he used to do. Things that make me smile or laugh.


She said that he is happy where he is. Luna licked Toes’ head before we took him to the vet that night. So I asked Spirit if she was kissing him goodbye. Spirit stated that she was and she knew he didn’t have long. She told me that he was glad he belonged to me. I told her that I love him and she said he knows. I do love him. I am including a picture of him with this blog. Rest in Peace Little Toes. I Love You.


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