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By: Alex




While talking to Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics last week, she started telling me that she thought I had been Napoleon Bonaparte in a previous life. This was big news to me and I had a hard time believing it. Many times it is common for people to go into denial about past lives or other traumatic events they have been through.


Nevertheless, I told myself that I should just proceed “as if” Kat was right, just in case she was. So I started doing my usual affirmation to clear past lives. After a while, several things came up and eventually I started to realize that I could actually have been Napoleon. And I have to say, even now, that it’s still hard to believe.


For one thing, I have always HATED losing, (which I believe was one of Napoleon’s key character traits). When I was a teenager, I tried to play chess once with a kid I knew in school. He was very smart and very cocky and he loved to humiliate people. When he laughed at me when he started to beat me in chess (which didn’t take long), I just swept my forearm across the chess board, clearing off all the pieces. That was the end of my interest in chess for a long, long time.


It took me probably 40 more years before I decided to actually try to learn chess again. That was a few years ago. I thought if I managed to become a better chess player that might help offset that traumatic memory from my childhood. I managed to learn some things about chess with a lot of effort, and had a few wins. Then things started to go bad again and I just stuck to tactical puzzles for a while.


After another humiliating defeat from an acquaintance several months ago, I finally got up the nerve to try again. I finally managed to beat a very good computer chess program on the first shot (after reversing some mistakes). I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically because I had beaten this program, then swore furiously at the game’s maker afterward. (But not in French.) Sound like Napoleon?


After some thought, I realized that I had had a few other related past lives that could have brought me to the point where I could actually have been Napoleon.


For one, there was my past life in Ancient Rome where I had the rank of a general, and indeed commanded armies in battle, but basically refused all the trappings and recognition that went with the rank of general. I was very successful in battle in that life. In that life, I did not consider killing other people something to be rewarded or praised for, even though it needed to be done.


And incidentally, that’s the first thing that came to me in trying to remember being Napoleon: “I did what had to be done.” Other things that came to me about Napoleon were how much I loved the Army and that I felt at home on the battlefield. It was like my office. And how where I work now reminds me of the island I was imprisoned on after I abdicated the throne. My first impulse was to expect an attack of thousands of soldiers and occasionally I found myself wondering how I would defend that place. These things are called past life bleed-throughs and serve as further confirmation.


Other significant past lives I’ve had involving the military (prior to the time of Napoleon) were serving under William Wallace in Scotland and serving in the army of Vlad the Impaler for 20 years. These three past lives suggest that I could have had the experience and success in battle that would have been required to become a man of Napoleon’s stature.


In reading about Napoleon, it seems that he favored wearing a uniform that was not as flamboyant or ostentatious as the other officers of his rank. This fits with how I feel now. I never wanted to be in charge of anything and I always laugh when it is suggested to me that other people are using me or my work as an example.


I thought reading up on Napoleon’s last battle, Waterloo, would help to bring up some more things for me from that life. Why didn’t I win? Apparently I overlooked some very important things, and trusted the wrong people. In retrospect, we would have lost in the long run even if we had won at Waterloo. It was just a matter of time. We didn’t have the resources to beat an ever-growing coalition.



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