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By: Michelle





The sign of Cancer is a sensitive,and emotional sign. It is also about our personal life. There could be a strong sense of wanting to feel protected in our lives. We may also have a sense of wanting to protect others, and to feel empathetic toward other people. We are going to deal with polarities at the time of the New Moon this month as well.


For example, good and evil, the living and the dead, left brain and right brain, etc. The imagination is strong with the ability to capture it and put it into words. Therefore, this may be a good time for any type of writing if you partake in writing. I used to write poetry and songs. I just haven’t lately. It’s actually been a long time since I wrote a song. Moving on…
At this Moon, we also wane between optimism and the ‘seedy’ side of life. This Moons emotions are very colorful and great for creativity. Therefore, this Moon in Cancer may be a good time to invoke your inner muse in any creative way,writing as I mentioned,or another form of art. This is also a good time to deal with repressed emotions.


One way that you can deal with this is through meditation. Burn some sage or sandalwood before you begin,and smudge yourself and your immediate area with it. Relax and slowly close your eyes. Begin to imagine the repressed emotion. Let yourself safely feel it. Try to let it come to the surface,and meditate upon the reason it bothers you. Try  to work it all out in your mind.


Then begin to imagine the word that describes this emotion. Then imagine a flame forming at the base of the word,and slowly rising up,engulfing and destroying the word and emotion in consuming flames. Imagine yourself no longer feeling consumed in any way by this emotion. Whenever you are ready, open your eyes.





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