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By: Nikki

I mentioned before that I stopped making resolutions in favor of setting intentions at the passing of another calendar year.  This is my fourth year doing it.  And I have to say, this practice has been invaluable to me.


2016.  I started with unconditional love and compassion.  I didn’t realize they went hand in hand.  The universe showed me where the conditions of our love are born.  Brought me to places where we judge and defend.  Made me bring my guard all the way up to teach me about softness.  Crazy how She works.


2017.   I went for integrity.  The universe showed me my edges.  All my boundaries.  Swung me out over them so I could see my breaking points.  Cracked me open to teach me about wholeness.  Thank the Lord for the love and compassion I found the year before.  It has become the glue I use as I piece myself back together.


2018.  Authenticity.  I knew my edges and borders and I loved myself all the way out to every one of them.   I owned my stuff and accepted it wholly.  I felt ready to understand how I work.  And the universe, once again, obliged.  She showed me how life is movement.  Moved me in every weather.  Shined with me in the sun and stirred me in the winds.  Turned me around and around again.  Left me out to sea, uncertain of the right shore so I could learn to use my soul’s compass and trust in the way unfolds.


And now.  2019.  My intention is expression and creation.  I can only imagine how the universe may check on my commitment to this intention.  But I have faith that I will be up to the test.


How about you?  Do you set intentions for the year?  Make resolutions?  Sometimes sharing our intentions helps us stay accountable to them.   Please feel free what you are working on in the new year below.  Or you can share how previous resolutions and intentions have manifested in your life.  Whether you share or not, I wish you grace and love for 2019.


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