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By: Lulu Gleason
Ah, what a pleasure it was to write out an estimated chart for her. She’s that fun sassy little thing that crazy style about her. I just love it! So let’s take a look, leastways seems to have some chronologically speaking, into the mind of Miss Minaj.
DOB: December 8, 1982 Birth Place: Saint James, Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)

Nicki: SUN: SAGITTARIUS: There seems to be so many paths for her and it seems like there’s little time to get to everything. There’s a STRONG sense of adventure as is usual when associated with the sun sign Sagittarius. She seeks to know, is blunt, and has a strong sense of optimism.

This part of her is the key to her understanding trends in society. She’s got a good sense of what fun is and when someone is around her, they’ll feel it too. She’s the original free spirit that needs people who are not clingy or oppressive. Everyone must love adventure as much as her if you want to be included as a possible mate.

How others see Nicki: ASCENDANT: PISCES: She’s mystical, perceptive, and there’s an intense sensitivity. She’s compassionate and there’s unconditional love from her always. She’s and idealist, seeing the world as it should be in her eyes. Life to her is in a fluid motion and she’ll be the first one to shape it the way her vision is. Surprisingly she knows the world can be an illusion but to you it seems like she’s shaping the world to her own vision… it’s only a matter of time.

Her inner personality: MOON: VIRGO: Everything is in chaos until she rights it. With her moon sing in Virgo there’s a strong need to be or have certain things. Which would include routine, organization, and cleanliness these things will give her a sense that all is right in the world.

She does have a tendency to be a bit hard on herself if perfection isn’t shown in her work. It may look beautiful to everyone but to the star herself, not so much. She’s one of those people who can give excellent advice so if she tells you that you should do something to make something better I would be the first person doing it!

How she communicates to the world: MERCURY: SAGITTARIUS: She’s a born story weaver. She could tell you about accounting practices and you’d hang on every word. She’s a free thinker with her hands in about every subject you could imagine. She likes the big ideas that are out of this world, but a word of caution.

If things seem to be too much about hard facts, her eyes will glass over. This doesn’t mean she’s not aware of what’s going on though. There should be an illusion of space mostly because she needs it to allow her inner creativity the freedom to soar to great heights. Because of her optimism, she’ll be the first to point out how everything works out eventually.

Her relationships: VENUS: SAGITTARIUS: She’s the ultimate adventurer and love is just one of her many adventures. She wants love but not with just anyone out there. She’s got a lot of questions to ask any potential partner before she can even move forward. Many will try very few will win.

She’s got that fun personality that’s mixed with an optimism it will attract many kinds of partners to her feet. She’ll most likely be attracted to someone on the older side. I would estimate that the best way to this girl’s heart is through her mind. Variety is the spice of life but to Nicki it’s the whole meal so partners should be prepared to keep this girl occupied to her liking.

What motivates her: MARS: CAPRICORN: There’s a reason why this girl is going where she’s going. Because of the placement of mars we see that she’s one who can keep up with the executives in the board room. She’s got the ability to channel her energy in her career goals and the savvy to get things done regardless of the challenges in her way.

This placement also does a number in her love and relationship department because here is where we see how she’s attracted to the older partner with much experience. Her feelings are deep and I can almost guarantee that she’ll want something long and lasting
out of relationships. She’ll also insist that the commitment made be private mostly because she’ll get a thrill out of having that knowing look across a crowed room.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Not to many people in your position are so gracious. Your article was very poignant and understandable. It helped me to understand very clearly. Thank you for your help.

  2. hi-ya i found your site today and I have read some awemose articles over here. I just wanna thanks you for posting it so we all can learn about it!

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