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By: Nikki Savage

My mom always says, “Getting old ain’t for sissies.”  And every morning when I get up with a new ache, I believe it.

I do physical work for a living and, as I age, I feel it.  For every new pain I get, I probably got two nagging old ones to go with it.  And the nagging old ones just seem to get louder.  As for the actual  shape of my body?  Lately it seems like one day of poor eating and no exercise easily translates to 10 pounds right in the middle.   Then, what used to take a week to fix is now more like a month.

And still, even after a month of diet and sit ups, the pounds I have left aren’t in the same places. My boobs’ new favorite song?  “Up Where We Belong”.   Yeah, getting old ain’t for sissies. That’s for darn sure.

But as with most things, I’m finding an attitude of gratitude goes a long way in changing my energy.  I could lament all the things that are never going to be the same or I can be thankful for the opportunity to see another brand new day.  Not everyone gets the privilege to see their later years.   Not everyone gets to see tomorrow.   I count myself lucky so far.


So I’ve started embracing my aches and pains.  I give thanks when I hear the creak of my knees as I get out bed.  That snap, crackle, pop means I’ve got another day to experience life.  I’ve got at least one more opportunity to give love in this world.  And in that way I’m blessed.

To be honest, as I change my perspective on aging, I transform my entire experience of aging.  I tune out of my pain more easily.  I could complain and feel miserable, but that would be the most fantastic waste of my precious time.  I still got life flowing through these old bones.  And life is nothing less than the greatest magic.  And as long as I get to stick around this place, I will be a grateful magician.


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2 Responses

  1. I think every human being has a Psychic Part whether he / she does know it or not. Worldly or materialistic idea create a veil , for this he /she can not feel this soft part of his/her being.–what I think. ——– ASIM SARKAR

  2. I agree, Asim. The world is a great exercise of the soul, but it can surely offer up experiences that harden our senses. And it can be easy to lose trust in the inner compass when the world spins us off course. I love your analogy of softness. May you stay soft and open to the experience of life and true to your inner knowing.

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