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By: Alex




This blog article came about in an interesting way. I asked this morning when I woke up, “What kind of blog article am I going to write for Fortell today?” That might sound like a strange question to ask, but I have found that when you ask a question, you will always get an answer. Sure enough, on the way home from having lunch with a friend, I noticed a man standing by the roadside with a sign asking for help. I noticed that at the bottom, it read “Anything helps.”


At this point the light turned green and we took off, but I imagined giving him various amounts of money. Then I wondered if he truly meant the last part. I mean, what would his reaction be if I only gave him a penny. I’m not saying that to be cruel. Then I thought, if that was Jesus standing there he would be truly grateful for even a penny.


Then it occurred to me that it was probably the power of Jesus’ gratitude which allowed him to multiply the loaves of bread as described in the New Testament. I asked Kat, one of Fortell’s psychics about this and she seemed to agree. The fact that Jesus was able to multiply the loaves of bread in this way was a testament to his power, but the same principle holds for all of us. Gratitude magnifies everything.


I don’t mean to preach here, but I’m going to cite another passage from the Bible which I believe speaks to the power of gratitude. “To him that hath, shall be given more, and to him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away.”


Now this surely is a strange passage and I have always wondered about its meaning. But if you relate it to the sense or principle of gratitude, then it starts to make sense, and if you word it a little differently then it becomes clearer. So I’ll paraphrase it here.


If one has a great sense of gratitude, not only will they be content with small things, they will also feel extremely wealthy. If one has a complete lack of gratitude, even that which they have will not seem like enough, to the point where it may feel like everything is being taken away – which is pretty much exactly what the Bible passage says.


Gratitude is an extremely powerful force. Jann Dean, my first metaphysical teacher, used to say that we should have an attitude of gratitude. And Dr. Verna Yater, whom I did many workshops with, would always mention things we were grateful for when doing group prayers. It was always a mystery to me how she could take situations that seemed impossible and turn them around. This included working with difficult people.


Dr. Yater would frequently say “We are grateful in advance for …”, which might sound peculiar on first glance, but when you look at it more closely, makes more and more sense. Here she is invoking the power of gratitude, but she is also compressing time by saying that we are grateful in advance. This is very powerful medicine here. I haven’t tried it myself (although what I did today probably counts) but it sure would be interesting to see what happens.


Giving comes from a sense of generosity, of having enough, or even more than enough. I am always amazed by people who give – even though they don’t have enough themselves. That requires a sense of faith – faith that there always will be enough, that no matter what happens we will somehow be taken care of. People of great faith have always been a miracle and a mystery to me. I always wonder about how they do that, where their faith comes from and what it is based on.


Gratitude is something we probably don’t think about very much, but it turns out to be extremely important, and, I suspect also fairly rare. I just talked to a girl who started working as a security guard at a large nursing home. She loves her job. She has met many wonderful people and it’s clear that her world has expanded. She practically glows when she talks about it. So she has enormous gratitude to be around these people, and they love her. How many people can say they love their job?




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