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By : Nikki Savage


I began the process of trying to connect with my guardian angel as I said I would back with my previous angel post.  I’m still not positive how to do it but from all I’ve read thus far, the first step is being open.


I’m open.  After reading the similarities in the angel evolution story and my most beloved vedic philosophy, Samkhya, I genuinely want to give this a try.  If what I read was true, our guardian angel is an energetic entity that accompanies us, somehow tied to our own energy.  This energy is of the same energy as our own soul but isn’t moved and altered by the world, not pulled in the same way.  I see the angel as perhaps what we commune with or resonate with when we are in a state of Buddhi, a reflection of ourselves above the ego.  (Again, I’m new to this and trying to work the angel energy into my own understanding of all energy.  I encourage anyone with a different understanding to share!)


So with this understanding, it made sense to start with the recommendation of mediation.  For this one, I chose just to ask my angel to be present with me.  I started by grounding.  I like doing a tree meditation to ground.  I envision my roots tapping into the Earth’s core then drawing the energy from the core through my being and projecting it outward like a shield.  I lit a candle I fell in love with at the thrift store that I recently added to my alter and found some angel music online to play.  The particular song I chose was actually a frequency piece, specifically a song called “5Hz Sync”.  Not the catchiest title but it was excellent to slip into a nice trance-like state of awareness.  (Note: Look out for a piece on sound healing and music frequency coming soon.)


I didn’t ask for any answers or try to really communicate.  And I didn’t make it a ritual.  I just sat, open to anything that I might receive, and asked for a sign of my angel’s presence.  The flame, that was burning low when I asked, leapt.  I can’t say it was definitely the sign, but I’m not a big believer in coincidences so I’m going with it.  I asked and I saw.


I got enough to want some more.  And during my meditations since I have been aware of a certain loving kind of vibe.  A warmth.  My lazy dog even got up to inspect all around me out of the blue while I felt it.  Maybe it was just from me meditating.  Either way, it is good.  But I am leaning towards some connection.  That’s been the extent of my angel experience thus far but I’ll keep working and listening and will post again once I have a new experience.  And I do believe I will.


If anyone has had an angel experience, I would love for you to share it below.  Let us know if it was a deliberate connection or out of the blue.  And if you work with your angel, how do you connect?  What advice can you offer beginners in working with these elemental beings?



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  1. Sometimes whenever I was sleeping a strange hand will wake me up, the last time this happened I was planning to read in the midnight but I slept off, but this time around it was two strange hands that woke me up, naturally I’m a kind of person that wakes up if a person slightly touches me, but this time it wasn’t a gentle touch they taped my twice only to open my eye and see that no one was in the room with me, I think they are my guardian angels but I wasn’t meant to see or talk to them, in the old testament and before God sent us the holy spirit, he use to send the angels to delivere messages, but that is done by the holy spirit now which means the angels will only guard us and they’re not meant to expose themselves while doing so. But I believe it happens whenever I’m closer to God, maybe it does happen out of the blues, but i don’t think it happen the way you read it or did it, I you have to be closer to God.

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