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I have been studying Chinese astrology with love signs and can help you find and keep someone you love. The difference in oriental astrology and western astrology is that in oriental astrology there are also 12 signs but instead of being named for heavenly constellations they are named for animals like ox, tiger, dragon, etc. therefore, although you have a sign in western astrology, you also have an animal sign in Chinese. Oriental signs focus on the year of your birth as well as the day of the month. Instead of taking 12 months to complete its cycle like our western zodiac the eastern of animals takes 12 years. Chinese love signs are an excellent way to see if you are matched to your true love. In oriental astrology the principal of yin and yang apply. Yin is a feminine and passive and is associated with water, night, and the moon. Yang is a masculine positive action associated with day, fire, and the sun. Consider the yin and yang of you and your partner which is an important ingredient in any recipe for romance. Call me Remme at ext 7010 for an in depth Chinese astrology reading. Have a Blessed New Year!

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  1. I have had readings from Remme for several years and find her to be EXTREMELY accurate. Most of my questions are around business and she told me that I would be getting a promotion and within a couple weeks I was promoted. She is a very warm and caring person who really communicates the truth whether you like it or not, and I would rather know. When you receive a reading from her you don’t feel like or think she is just telling you what you want to hear. I highly recommend Remme to anyone who wants to know what is the present or future, and use her talents as a guide for you. I appreciate her her very much.

  2. I had a reading with Remme a few weeks ago. Now I’m still waiting for parts of her predictions to come to pass, but for the most part the big questions I had asked in my reading have been happening like she said they would. Remme, you are very insightful and well knowledged in the field of astrology whether it be eastern or western. Thank you could never be enough for the astrological insight you provided.

  3. I had a reading with Remme resently, I cant believe how she described my current boyfriend to a “T”, just by telling her his name. Like she knew him. What I love about Remmie, is she tells the truth, and wont lie to you. I will be calling Remme again really soon. thanks so much.

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