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By: Michael Santonato



How do you read someone else’s energy?


As I mentioned earlier, everything is energy. However, men and women both have their own unique energy as well. They are separate, and yet part of a whole. It is like the brain. The brain is made of 2 halves, left and right. The left brain operates in logic and pragmatic thinking. The right brain is creative, and expressive. Both are part of the whole. It is good to understand this, since this is who we are and how we operate as human beings. A good relationship understands the balance of energy and dynamics and plays off one another. Healthy couples HAVE POLARITY. Polarity is a good thing. A good couple has balance. It is neither better nor worse. Both people are equal, and you should know that both energies are very strong when coupled together!


Male’s are typically left brained and have a lot of male energy, naturally. Females typically have a lot of female energy, naturally. Although you’d be surprised to know these days, 90% of the population of our world are left brained thinkers, which means we have an abundance of masculine energy in today’s world.


Male energy = direct, logical, focused, determined, linear, analytical. When over done and extreme, a person is closed off, has a limited view, and is usually constricted/narrow. Female energy = creative, artistic, and moves in curves. Its about expression, it is unpredictable and random. It views life in possibilities. If over done, it can be out of control, jumbled, and is common to mood swings, and disorganization. Remember, both are parts of the whole. In summary, Male energy looks at parts, and Female energy looks at wholes. Both are necessary in human beings, and one could not live without the other, like Yin & Yang. There is a brilliant web series on Youtube you can find called “Spirit Science” of which I am a huge fan, which discusses this in deeper details.


You can read people’s energy, and what kind of energy they more or less posses, just by talking to them. Knowing what you know now after reading this, you can recall the people in your life of whom you have had relationships with. Ask yourself, did they have a high amount of male energy? Were they too rigid for you? Did they have an abundance of female energy? Did their ‘wishy washy’ behavior get on your nerves? (In your opinion, and according to what you feel are your needs.) And how about yourself? Give yourself a breakdown, a percentage, out of 100%. How much male energy do you have? How much female energy? (By the way, both sexes have some of both. Also, male’s can have a feminine essence and females can have a masculine essence. Male’s should not be afraid of admitting they have feminine energy [Take Metrosexuals for example] and female’s should not be hesitant to admit they have Male energy.) No one is ever 100% and 0%.


***GOLDEN NUGGET*** Every emotion and feeling has energy. Remember as I said earlier, we are emotional beings. We give off energy and emotion. By reading other peoples energy, you can understand “where your potential partner is at.” Meaning, how they are feeling, what they might be thinking. By reading/feeling their energy and understanding their body language, you can get a really good sense of if they are interested in you, intrigued by you, repulsed by you and/or falling in love with you. With this understanding, you could adjust your behavior accordingly. This will allow you to gain mastery and practice in finding the right person for you. You won’t have to waste your time and energy, and you’ll be able to get closer and closer to finding a great match for yourself.


If this sounds wild and ‘woo woo’ for you, don’t worry. Have you ever felt like, “I knew that was going to happen!” or “I knew you would say that” yes, well, its not just coincidence. Its because in that moment you have been tuned in to the energies around you. Just keep this in mind when on dates, and when developing a relationship with someone.




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