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By: Alex



I had a very interesting conversation with Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics, the other day. I have known for a while that I had a past life as an E.T., and that we were brought here from other planets. I also know that the ET’s are monitoring our race and have periodically given us “software updates” in various ways and that these “updates” have been the catalyst for some of our greatest achievements.


I believe that we as a race are genetically flawed and that these flaws were a large part of the cause for the violence we are currently experiencing. I suspect that those genetic flaws in our DNA were due to not having enough alien DNA in our makeup. I asked Kat how did that situation come about and how can that be corrected. Her answer will probably shock you.


First of all, resolving the problems we humans are currently experiencing on the planet (things like war, mainly) are foremost in our creator’s minds. The solution is fairly simple but will take a bit of background explanation in order to make sense.


The race of ET’s that created us is still monitoring us. They periodically return to our planet to check up on us and see how we’re doing. It should be no surprise that they’re largely disappointed.


Since the time of Jesus’ Crucifixion, the creator race has been less willing to come down here and risk showing themselves. We humans have become more violent and it’s too dangerous for them to be here. And for various reasons, they have been away. They’ve had other situations to deal with.


In the interim since the last “update” from the ET’s, humans have been busy doing what humans do best: Breeding. And the result, after a few thousand years is what Kat called “inbreeding.” However she meant that term in a somewhat different way than we humans normally use it.


Our genetic makeup is basically flawed because we have been breeding solely within our race, the human race. The result is that we as a race are “inbred.” What is needed is for the ET’s to come down here and breed with our race again, like they have done before.


Now that might sound outrageous to some people, but it’s been done before, and the plain and simple truth is that we desperately need what they have, meaning their knowledge and understanding, mainly since it is so much greater than ours.


I know that probably sounds presumptuous and like something out of a sci-fi movie, but if you look at our situation from a certain perspective, it is actually quite logical.


I asked Kat how long it would take to restore balance and bring us closer to our maker’s goals for our race. I was thinking in terms of a certain number of years, but Kat said that after about three generations of the ET’s breeding with our race again, we would be closer to the ideals that our makers had set for us. Three generations is about 75 years, so in the grand scheme of things that’s not really that long. The good news here is that there is still hope for salvaging our race.


However, that’s still not enough. We still have a lot to learn, and there are many things the ET’s still need to teach us. This additional knowledge would fill in the gaps and bring us closer to the goal of eliminating war and strife on the planet, and turn us into a much better species. For example, while we consider ourselves “advanced” (relative to the other animals), if we were to compare our technology to that of the ET’s, there would simply be no contest. Virtually all of our solutions to our problems are flawed, mainly because we don’t understand enough about things to do better.


Now all this is not meant to simply dump the blame on the ET’s for abandoning us and allowing our race to get so far out of whack. While we are to a great extent, their experiment that got out of control, we still each have the responsibility to act ethically and from a sound moral foundation.


But it is still very useful to be able to understand that our problems as a race are not entirely of our own making, and to be able to understand the whole situation from a larger perspective. The ET’s haven’t given up on us yet, so there is still hope that our situation can improve enormously. How amazing it would be to be a part of all that!




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