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By Alex

About a year ago I had to have my cat Charlotte put to sleep. She was one of the most

beautiful cats I have ever known. It was really hard to do. I had Charlotte for about 17 years and

was quite attached to her. She had gotten older, as cats do. But one day she would not eat her

food. And for Charlotte that was a big deal because Charlotte loved to eat. At that point I knew

something was very wrong. I began to cry. Looking back I must have known that it was time to

say goodbye to her.

I had spoken to Kat (one of Foretell’s psychics) about this earlier. She had said, “you will

know when it is time.” Well, it certainly was time. I took Charlotte to the vet. The prognosis was

not good. Even if they fixed her up there was no guarantee that I wouldn’t have to come back in a

month or so and go through it all again.

I agonized over the decision again and again, but in the end I just wanted Charlotte’s

suffering to stop. At about 8:30 in the morning I gave the ok for the vet to put her to sleep. The

vet gave her the injection. I held her in my arms until she was gone. I could not stop crying. Even

now, recounting it over a year later is still difficult.

That day was August 15, 2009. After that day, for three weeks straight I would sit every

day at 8:30 am to remember Charlotte. And I cried and cried and cried. After a while I began to

wonder what this was all about.

Now I am no stranger to processing my emotions, or past lives. I had had the good

fortune to do several years of workshops around 1994-1996 with a top notch trance channel, and

more or less have devoted myself to clearing out all my past karma. (This has taken over 15


But somehow this seemed different. I mean, crying every day for three weeks straight –

over a cat? Most people would agree this sounds strange (including me). I talked again to Kat

about this whole thing. I really wanted to know where this was all coming from. And I knew from

experience that it had to be either from this life or a past life.

As Kat related it, Charlotte and I had been together for something like 15 lifetimes where

we had been together over 10 years each time. So there was a strong connection from that. I had

know about previous lives with Charlotte, but there was another one waiting to surface.

It turned out that I had been a monk in a French Monastery in the Pyrenees a long time

ago. I am not sure of the exact time frame but I think it was between around 1200 and 1400 AD.

At that time, Charlotte had been a wild cat. She was not as big as a mountain lion, but somewhat

smaller, although larger than a regular house cat. I think she had black tufts on the tips of her


Charlotte apparently wasn’t a good hunter, so she would go scrounging around for food.

And being a monastery, we had a kitchen and must have left the back door open. At some point

we became aware that Charlotte was coming into the kitchen looking for food. I think many of us

in the monastery became enamored of her, myself especially. I think we began leaving food for

her. I was told that I was the only one Charlotte would let near her. I don’t know if I was actually

able to touch her or not. But for whatever reason, she took a liking to me.

After some time, one day during prayers, we heard a loud rumble. Charlotte had been

living in a cave somewhere down the mountainside under the monastery, and the roof of the cave

had collapsed. We rushed down there as fast as we could, but there was nothing we could do. The

rocks were too big. And even if we could have moved them, it was too late for Charlotte.

So that was the major piece of the puzzle that was missing. Knowing this hasn’t changed

the way I feel. But it does put everything in perspective. There have been some difficult days, and

I can’t say that the last year has been especially encouraging for me, largely because of losing

Charlotte. But I think I am getting through this, and I think the fact that I can write this now is

testimony to that. I just wanted to say thanks to Cat for helping me understand what was going


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  1. Animals are our greatest gifts from G-d! They provide us with so much unconditional love and support. I have no doubt they will be there when It’s our tome to go home (Heaven)

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