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By: Hui L Xu




P.M.A – so what is it? Some people will automatically recognize this acronym – Positive Mental Attitude.



Yadda yadda… blah… blah…. some people think, but PMA should be likened to ‘dieting’.



No, I haven’t gone completely insane (not quite), but one major failure that many people are guilty of, is to overlook a common theme that links both PMA and dieting.



Instead of considering a weight-loss plan / calorie controlled diet as a short-term temporary measure, it’s more effective to adopt a permanent, ongoing lifestyle change. Eat better, eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, less fat, sugar, and so on, exercise regularly and keep doing so, rather than Yo-Yo dieting, your results and long-term benefits are enhanced greatly.



Equally so, trying to temporarily change the way we think, feel, look at life – only to slowly revert back into the old ways, or the ‘comfort zone’, is as effective as ordering regular fries for a couple of weeks, instead of your usual ‘supersize’ portion – in the hope of getting the ‘body beautiful’!



Effective dieting comes from a lifestyle change and ensuring you stick with it. Just as it is with ‘attitude’.



So how do you achieve PMA?



There’s no magic solution, no wonder-pill, no secret. It’s a gradual process, taken in steps, one at a time.



There are a few common ‘sayings’ that can get everyone off to a good start. “Before you lose your temper? count to ten” “Take the brake off your brain, before you put your mouth into drive”.



Those are a couple of classics that I’ve overlooked on a few occasions!



But PMA can be far more than that. It’s about belief, will-power, being positive, attitude adjustment. It makes all the difference.



One of the biggest contributors which dictates the success or failure of those trying to quit smoking?. is will power. Feeling positive about school, college or university examinations increases the likelihood of improved performance.



It’s been widely documented that a solid determination to improve or recover, has been an influencing factor to many who are seriously ill or injured.



Having a Positive Mental Attitude doesn’t cure cancer, if only it did. But it certainly improves matters and helps those involved, being supportive and?.. positive.



There is a another saying which I would like to share with you??



“Attitudes are Contagious?..make sure YOURS is worth catching”.



Motivational speakers don’t preach depression and negativity – but the complete opposite. And they all know that often it’s easier to remain in the ‘rut’ – than the long, hard struggle to get out, and change?.. to change yourself and your outlook on life and others around you.



Take a few minutes to look at small children. Appreciate their naivety and their simplistic and carefree approach to life.



They also have an obvious lack of the pressures, commitments and responsibilities that we may have, they don’t have to work, pay the bills, cook, clean, keep everyone else happy?.but we can all still learn a valuable ‘Life-Lesson’ from them.



There are few extremely priceless resources that will definitely help achieve PMA. All of them can be mass-produced, but are often in short supply. Every single one of these incredible resources will cost you absolutely nothing.



So what are they?



1. Smiles. (massively contagious)


2. Laughter. (see above)


3. A good sense of humor. (see above)


4. Politeness.


5. Good manners.


6. Consideration of others.


And so on.



Remember – All of them can be mass-produced, but are often in short supply.



Can you see where I going with this? Simplicity itself. But effective and efficient.



Just as with dieting, success can be achieved over the longer term, without major cost, or huge mind-blowing changes, especially as many people are resistant to change – so make it gradual, step-by-step.



As all good sales people know, to sell the product, first sell the idea – get the customer to ‘buy in’ to the concept, and your almost there.



To achieve a Positive Mental Attitude, you often will find it necessary to try and persuade others to ‘buy in’??. but first it is YOU who must do so.



I will leave you with one last phrase.



Where it originates – I have no idea. But it is something I encountered a number of years ago, and has been with me ever since. If you take time to think about it, to consider it deeply, it can be quite profound and often enlightening.



You can use it as part of your PMA???.



“Your Life??. Is someone else’s DREAM”.

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