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By : Nikki Savage


I heard the first election commercial today.  Actually I heard it about 5 times in a couple hours.  Something about some guy being a “double dipping pension padder”.  They said that about 50 times in the ad.  “Double dipping pension padder”.  I don’t remember who it was about or who it was for.  Just that one line.  “Double dipping pension padder.”


I can’t stand these commercials.  I’m thankful we don’t have another presidential election so we shouldn’t be hit too hard with all the hate campaigns this year.  But still.  All the ads do is remind me what is wrong with our politics.  A lot.


It starts with the party lines.  We start with two people who for all appearances are indebted and affiliated to some group.  A group that doesn’t always represent my views.  (I’m registered independent.)


When I vote, I want to pick the one who speaks the most truth and also speaks to my truth.   The one that gets my vote needs to share some common views with me and if neither do, the one I choose will be the one that actually listened to their opponent before responding.  But these days I can’t tell who that would be because candidates no longer run by sharing their beliefs but by discrediting their opponents.  And the response is focussed on defending one view over another instead of explaining what they are seeing from that view so others might find a way to share that view.


Like it or not, not everyone agrees.  But we are still supposed to be working for the same cause.  Why in the hell would anyone want to be led by someone who openly belittles one of the people they are hoping to represent?  Whoever wins, the other will be their constituent.  Who wants someone who would treat their constituents in such a way?  We are all on the same team here.


I don’t care where they choose to stand along the party lines, I care about knowing who they are when things aren’t comfortable because change never is.  Will they sink the ship for their pride or will they acknowledge and address their imperfections, both personal and systematic, even if it means that people who supported them would be angry?  This is what I want to know.  This is what I want to hear about.


But I suppose instead, I’ll just keep hearing about a “double dipping pension padder” and (insert another catchy derogatory slogan) so I can vote for whoever seems less bad.  And wait and see who wins the tug of war this year.   Then keep hoping one day these people will remember themselves and those they mean to serve and speak to us from that place.
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2 Responses

  1. I believe that in some cases, the most disrespectful person might not be the worst candidate after all, and the most respectful person might not be the best candidate after all. people will say a lot of things just to sell themselves. What I think is most important is that we don’t elect any candidate base on those derogatory statements, or base on the tug of war between two or more parties and other emotional reason, I think we should only elect a candidate based on his/her agendas, provided they are realistic ones and will serve us right or being convinced that his/her agendas are not so far from what we truly hope for.

  2. I agree. One can be very respectful and have a plan that can sink the ship. It comes down to truth really. Unfortunately it takes a lot of work to discern the truth anymore. But what I really would like to see is people working towards building something together, regardless of what party they belong to. That is what I feel is the real measure of dedication to the betterment of our communities. Can you let go of your affiliation to do what is best for the community regardless of what the people who paid for your campaign believe? Can you support the work of someone from another party when you know it is the right thing to do? That is more of what I’d like to see in our politics.

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