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By Nancy



Past life readings help you know who are in this life as we are the being and spirit soul inside in every life we are the same person. It can help a person when they know the creative talented gifts they hold used in their past life. They may have been a famous musician and would be musically inclined or know their children should take music lessons or perhaps they were an artist and would steer them in the direction of art lessons.

I’ve done my own past life readings by time travel similar to the movie “Back To The Future” it’s as if I’m really there as I am time traveler,astral projector and clairvoyant in conjunction with being a psychic medium channeler I receive information from the heavenly realm state as my guides provide information by writing and speaking for them. Many have the same Guardian Angel in every life who provides information on your past lives as they are always by your side watching over you. Some stay in heaven awhile and some are reincarnated right away to the same era and decade. I’ve discovered much of my taste is similar to my past life as I’ve been attracted to the 1940’s era of Art Deco furnishings and Palm’s and decorated my home this way in this life and then discovered I lived in the 1940’s. Also, I  love italian food my whole life and I lived a life in Italy. I had a life as an Indian and I am free spirit and as a child I’d love going barefoot, playing guitar and sitting in a tree writing a poem. I was wealthy in my recent last life and as a child I loved fancy party dresses and my hair in rag curls and I was also The Queen of England. Doing my past life readings my personality makes sense to me in this life as it’s a combination of many lives and I am a psychic medium in all of lives as we are the same person in every life.

In my recent past life, the life right before this was one I was a channel writer clairvoyant and did  Ouija Board reading’s. I did a time travel and saw myself in Beverly Hills doing the Ouija Board on a balcony.. I saw myself in a white satin blouse and flared white satin pants as the 1940’s clothing period, I had long honey blonde curled hair and olive skin. I died  Dec 13th,1958 and my name was Karly A. Wilkinson and my married name was Tate. I saw my memorial service at The Beverly Hills Hotel in early 1959 the year I was born. I felt mature as a child and I think it’s because I reincarnated so fast. As a child I had exact psychic dreams of things before they happened. I could work the Ouija Board as child and picked it up later  by using a similar tool called an Angel Board that I channeled on and became a medium this way. Then come to find out I did the Ouija Board in my last life. I also felt great when I went to Beverly Hills in this life and came to know I was there not so long ago in my recent past life as we are drawn to the familiar places. I believe I was in heaven three months and right back to earth again to be a human. We also reincarnate with our children,husbands, soul mates as a soul connection and blood lines reincarnate my readings say.

In my past lives I was a Viking, a topographer in Jerusalem and interesting enough I choose a Topographer Art Project when I was the Art Docent for my daughters classroom unbeknownst to me. I had a life in China where geese followed me, I love ducks and birds around, I do spiritual readings by hearing them. When I went to London I felt so at home the minute I looked down at the brown stones flying over in the plane I felt like I was home then come to find out I was Catherine Roman Numeral Seventeen the Queen of England and I was called Humble Catherine as I did a time travel and saw myself there. I am a humble person in this life and a combination personality of all my lives I’ve discovered by doing my past life readings.


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