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By: Adam


The symbol of Aries is the surefooted ram. Born survivors. They are the trailblazers and the pathfinders, they are great starters of things, but soon hand it over to someone else to finish while they search for new worlds to conquer! That is their role in life and the reason the sun is exalted therein and Mars holds a fiery rule.  We admire Aries and wait delightedly to see what they come up with next. The actor, writer, teacher, filmmaker James Franco demonstrates Aries brilliantly. A shy young man out of Silicon Valley, CA, he wasted no time transmuting shyness into greatness by leaping headfirst into creative endeavors.


Franco’s latest movie, Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine’s sex, drugs, and violence-riddled coming-out romp) opened with plenty of glitz and plenty of fodder to show us that Franco as an actor hungrily plays off his co-actors’ strengths without stealing their thunder yet stealing the show. If you haven’t seen Spring Breakers yet, I think you should. Franco’s method acting chops standout compared to his wizardly antics in the Oz movie, and you can see how he feeds off real co-actors better than he does CGI characters.


Aries work ethic? Check-out Mr. Franco’s charitable adventures. He’s clearly racing his charitable efforts against his career efforts using his strengths on all fronts: acting, speaking, teaching, directing. When asked what drove this angst to uplift others, James Franco told the NY Daily News: “Aiding others is the key to life, the key to happiness and, as an actor, you can get wrapped up in yourself and your career…A little secret is one of the greatest ways to break that is to stop thinking about yourself for a second.”


What do I predict this creative, brilliant Aries might come with next? First and most immediate will be more viral antics with his cohort Ashley Benson. The two stinkers created a Bieber spoof that tore through the viral world of YouTube in January, and then they released a newer spoof mocking their co-star Selena Gomez’ piece “Love You Like A Love Song.” Is all this just Franco warming up to a nice leap into the music industry? That’s my prediction. Wanna bet? See what he does with the rapper role in Spring Breakers.


Aries love to be leading edge and indefinable. Sort of like space exploration.  If there’s a new world to be found, explored and expanded, Aries can’t wait to go, to pathfind. This is how they transmute the angst, the edge, the nervousness into verisimilitude and beauty. Look for Mr. Franco to tackle the sci-fi genre in the next leg of his film career: time travel, space travel, quantum concepts dramatized. Is he gay? Will he marry or partner up? I am convinced he’s perfectly happy keeping fans guessing.


Aries or not, let’s let this enigmatic sign inspire us further to inject new life into our surroundings; we are always emerging into new life, spurring others on to come out of the darkness and into the light.


**Check back later this week for more psychic predictions for our favorite celebrity Aries males.


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