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Last year some of our staff participated in the Acts of Kindness to help spread some love around our community and surrounding area. We also did a lot of the same on our social media sites and were very pleased with the support from our followers. This year we are encouraging our readers and followers to pay it forward.


Start this year off in a loving way by participating in the Pay-It-Forward initiative and spread some cheer with us. The best thing about this is that it can start off as something so small, one small act or gesture of kindness, and it can trigger something and become something so much bigger. It could become a domino effect. Let us explain.


It’s super easy and we’ve even come up with some ideas to make it easier and give you a little inspiration; a jumping off point if you will.



1. Buy A Stranger A Cup Of Coffee.

This morning I stopped at Wawa and instead of getting my change from the cashier I told them to use it to pay for the next person in lines coffee or newspaper. Like many people, Wawa, or your local convenience store is a daily stop before work to get a coffee, breakfast, newspaper, etc., it takes its toll on the piggy bank at the end of the week. I thought why not give the next person a nice surprise and who knows maybe they will take the dollar and change they were going to spend and pay-it-forward for the next person… if not then at least they got a nice surprise.



2. Write A Letter.

With computers, smart phones, text messaging, Facebook, email, Skype, Snapchat, and all those other things that are out there now it’s easy to keep in touch with people in so many ways- which is awesome! Maybe I’m old fashioned but I love writing people letters or sending them cards randomly to let them know I’m thinking about them. I think it’s much more personal when you know someone takes time to sit and write out something and go mail it out. Our schedules get the best of us, we move away, our kids jeopardize our time, whatever the reason is we don’t get to see our friends or certain family members as often as we would like as we get older. Keep your address book up to date and keep some blank stationary around and when you get a couple minutes of free time, jot down a few words and say hi. They will really appreciate the random hello.


Another fun spin on this is what we did last year which was Love Notes. Write nice inspirational quotes or nice words and leave them in random places like books in the library or supermarket carts.



3. Offer To Babysit.

Do you have friends or relatives that are a bit overwhelmed and never get a break from their kids? Offer to watch the kids for a bit while they run to the grocery store or have a date night. I have so many friends with kids and sometimes they might just even want someone to come over and keep the kids distracted for 15 minutes while they shower or tidy up the house. Whatever the situation is they might need a hand so whatever help you can give would be much appreciated.



4. Cover A Co-workers Shift.

If you work somewhere that’s pretty flexible and allows you to swap shifts with someone – take advantage of it! Ben is scheduled to work Friday but he won tickets to a concert and nobody wants to pick up his shift? Pick it up for him. He really wants to go to this concert and it’s not everyday you win tickets to something. How would you feel if it were you? He will appreciate it and you would really be doing him a solid.



These are just some examples of ways you can pay it forward. There’s so many ways! The list is endless really. Knowing you made someone smile is the best feeling in the world and if everyone took just one minute out of their day to do something small for someone else it can spread faster than the flu. The world would light up with the smiles of all the happy people. With all the bad in the world today, let’s do our best to help spread more good!




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