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By: Arnab Roy Choudhury




To party is to have a good time. The celebrations of a promotion, a dear friend’s birthday bash or the success party of your favorite club winning at the league. Reasons are numerous but are followed by one big after effect, that’s right-PARTY! Good music, great food, a crazy ambiance, and loads of people around you. Is there a better life? Absolutely not!


But have you ever observed the people you meet at a party closely? We’ll remind you!


The Gobbler

Remember that guy who pounces on the appetizers even before he says hello? He attends a party for just 3 reasons- chips, dips, and sips. If you happen to be friends with this person, it’s even more embarrassing to watch them make weird sounds as they sweep away whatever little of chocolate mousse is left at the dessert counter. At the buffet they are found guilty of transforming their plates into an edible pyramid and then making stupid, grill vs. roast conversations about a particular dish to the waiters. (As if they care about the charring procedure so much)Once done eating they are found drinking like a fish at the bar counter and then throwing up the same later! Yuck! Have a friend like this? Don’t forget to carry a puke bag and a lot of deo spray!


The Talkative Type

She won’t give you a chance to speak; she would neither let you finish your statements.

By the time she gets done talking you forget the 1 million thoughts that approached your mind during the conversation. She spends most of her time at the party trying to make small talks to strangers. She excels in questions like “So, how many Oscar-nominated films have you seen?” She knows all kinds of gossip; from who’s dating who to who is wearing which body spray; everything!


Wannabe prom queen

Drenched under 3 kilos of makeup is her face. The girl who always dreamed of being the cheerleader of her college. She drinks a lot, laughs too loud and wears a little too little. She comes to the party in a taxi to go back in a sedan. She is here to make contacts and just win men. You’ll always find her dancing to attract any attention that’s available! If she doesn’t get it her night takes a turn—from boogieing on the tables to sinking in her woes.


The Newbie

What we call new money! This guy is often a misfit but tries hard as hell to be a part of the crew. He’s thrilled to be invited, but isn’t sure what he’s been invited to. This is his most obvious question, ‘’what’s happening?’’


The Quiet Type

He arrives early and parks himself in a cosy corner of the club, sipping on martini -shaken not stirred. He doesn’t move, not even his eyeballs—his food and booze are all within marginal vision range.


The Selfie Queen

The two things she does at any party: a)pose b)click… that’s all!


Know it All

Why did the Russians attack the red Indians; to which movie did the most business? Mr know it all has the answers to all questions. Be it medicine, politics or business. Sometimes all you need to say to this dude is SHUT-UP!





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