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Pisces – Sex and Astrology

Pisces, the fish, is the last sign on the zodiac chart and those born under this sign have the inclination to be very gentle, and charitable but indecisive. Generally, Pisces are very popular because of their loving nature and care for others’ problems. Pisces are creative, and make good story tellers, artists, or actors especially due to their exceptional skills of perception and learning. Though they can be very emotional, and changeable, Pisces are very ambitious and driven, luxury and financial security are very attractive to them.
Common Characteristics of Pisces:
 Peaceful, loved, kind, idealistic, compassionate, impulsive, vague, weak-willed, selfless, imaginative, perceptive, generous, adventurous, scatter-brained
Ruling Planet:
 Jupiter   Color association: Lilac   Birthstones: Diamond, amethyst, bloodstone

PISCES: This is a fantasy driven sign. You’re going to need the right mixture of wish-fulfillment, an appropriate environment and some emotional stimulation. There’s a deeply intuitive and sympathetic side to this sign which could be easily deceived by those who fit the fantasy the fish has. Complex and spiritually deep they need love in the form of romance, reassurance and in most cases are easily dominated. There’s real potential to be adventurous but this fish needs to feel secure with the partner before some experimenting can come to pass. They thrive on sensitivity and are usually the more artistic type. Appeal to their sympathetic ways and it will get you a long way with this sign.

Women: She’s not exactly sure what she’s doing but hey it’s not stopping you from coming back for more. She’s usually the girly girl so be prepared for some lace and ruffles. She’ll be sure to please you in bed so be giving to her hypersensitive body and go with the flow.

Men: He will rarely criticize a lover but this will create a tendency to be in love with love. The vibes he’s getting from you have to be good otherwise he’ll figure there’s no point. Word of caution, once he falls in love he’ll fall hard and he’ll recuperate slowly if this love he falls for isn’t reciprocated.

Lover’s bonus: Take the strong lead and get things flowing nicely. Once trust is established try dominance games like playing master and slave. This will help develop your Pisces sexual side. Combine sex and food by trying a honey or chocolate massage. They like a wonderful experience and they find it’s more important than some cotton sheets getting messy. They don’t like getting rushed so sex just happens when it happens and that will be when your fish feels comfortable. They like to escape so mimic a faraway feeling to the bedroom while wooing this romantic sign.

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