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By: Erin


As we come to the last sign of the zodiac chart, we round out our installment of styles of the zodiac with Pisces. Being born under the sign of the fish and ruled by water, your closet is usually filled with many shades of greens and blues.


Like the ocean you are not afraid to add bright colors like coral hues or pastels to your outfits. You believe in trying out new patterns and styles because your closet and jewelry box should be as versatile as the waves.  Pisces are great at keeping the balance between sexy, cute, fun, and sophisticated – which is a tough job but you are able to pull it off without missing a beat.




Everyday Fashion for Pisces Woman:


Free flowing and colorful is what Pisces women are all about when it comes to daily outings. You are going to see lots of pastel colors in blues, greens, yellows, corals primarily. Like I previously mentioned, Pisces women are pretty versatile in their fashion so the everyday outfit can range anywhere from a flirty free flowing tunic and pair of for fitting pants to a colorful dress or pant suit. One thing is a definite though, Pisces women love open-toed heels! They believe the open-toe heel completes any outfit.



The ever so sassy and stylish Niecy Nash is the picture perfect celebrity Pisces in her pastel yellow pant suit. Pictured here on the red carpet wearing a light, low cut shirt tied at her waist line (which is a big thing with Pisces) Niecy is glowing with this beautiful pastel hue. She of course completes her look with a pair of open-toed heels and a matching clutch.




Fashion For a Pisces Woman’s Night Out on The Town:


When a Pisces woman hits the town you can be certain all eyes will be on her. They exude romance and charm. You can be sure she will be dazzling on the dance floor in a fun, colorful dress. Although most times their dress will be colorful and have some sort of floral pattern, Pisces women also really enjoy the color beige and will step out in a skin tight beige dress with teal or pink open-toed heel and matching handbag for a burst of color. What it comes down to is they love that sassy-classy look.



The beautiful starlet Rashida Jones definitely turns heads wherever she goes. In this photo she is making waves as a fellow Pisces on the purple carpet. Her trim wasted, knee-length dress is perfect for whatever the night may bring. It has a very fun and unique pattern with beautiful colors of blues and greens (perfect for a Pisces female) and it is stylish while still looking comfortable. She shows just enough leg and adds a bit of extra flair to her look by wearing dark blue strappy, open-toed pumps with a bit of shine.






Pisces women love accessories because there are no limits and there’s endless possibilities. Pisces are known to be very creative and imaginative people so they can take a cool, colorful scarf and make it into a fashionable belt or hairpiece. For the day-to-day they usually will wear a pair of dangling earrings with a pop of color. They love bangles and cuff bracelets and unique rings with large, unique and colorful stones or designs. Basically what it comes down to is that if they see something that has bright colors in it they will rock it!



Quirky cutie Ellen Page shows us she knows how to accessorize like a true Pisces by wearing a super cool black and silver braided chain necklace with a large colorful pendant. I know this picture is from 2009 but I chose it for a 2 reasons; Ellen is the ultimate Pisces female (she’s ambitious, compassionate, stands up for things she cares about, creative…), when doing my research and finding out she was a Pisces I got really excited because I remembered her having a really cool necklace one time (this one) that I was obsessed with and got really excited to feature it (and her) in one of our style blogs. The colors in the pendant are beautiful, I will put a close up below, but it really just sums up a Pisces females jewelry selection in one single piece.



Here is a close up of Ellen’s pendant.





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