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By: J Nighteagle




An individual would do well to select a prayer feather carefully. Suitable choices include wild turkey (for wealth), seagull (for freedom), swan (for transformation), peacock (for vision), hawk (for journeys), and crow (for messages).


Your special feather should be trimmed of any ruff edges or fetching’s. Next gently stroke the feather, so that the oils in your hand can clean and straighten it, as it becomes empowered with your energy.  Make an offering to the bird, as a thank you for the feather. This can take the form of scattering bread or bird seed for food, leaving bits of string and cloth on branches for nest building materials, or even voicing a hart felt “thank you.”


The feather is then smudged. Using a sea shell as a holder, ignite herbs, for instance sage (for purification), cedar (for longevity), and/or lavender (for happiness). Wave the feather through the sacred herbal smoke to bless it. Talk to the feather, requesting that it serve as your own personal feather of prayer purpose.


Caring for your prayer feather. The feather can be decorated with beads, yarn– most commonly red – paint, jewelry wire wrapped with tiny crystals, and so forth. Hold the feather close to your hart to develop a rapport with it, especially when you chant, meditate, pray or are otherwise engaged in magical workings.


Care for and communicate with your feather. Use it reverently and only with good intent. The feather may be waved, drawing a healing blessing to benefit people and animal companions or to clear spaces of negative energy. The prayer feather will gradually increase in power and become an invaluable magical aid.




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