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By: J Nighteagle



Since your body is the channel or valve through which the energy you raise passes, it behooves you to keep in good shape. I realize that physical fitness not only improves my psychic ability, it is also good for my overall health and well- being.


Proper Diet:


What you eat has a profound effect on you. There is no point in working out if your not eating right.. A high fat, or processed diet or an excess of caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol can destroy more than you body. It interferes with your thought process and causes changes in your energy levels. If you ever try to meditate with someone who is drunk will know what I am talking about hear.


A balanced and healthy diet will stabilize your energy, clarify your mind, and improve your ability to conduct energy. Many say that a mostly vegetarian diet is best for over-all health and energy. The old adage to enjoy everything in moderation, but nothing in excess has been proven in recent studies to be true. The latest findings indicate that the addition of a little fish or poultry into a mostly vegetarian diet to be the healthiest. Adding a moderate amount of red wine or grape juice to the diet has also been found to be beneficial.


Those of us who have taking antioxidants for years are pleased to hear they have discovered that vitamins C and E and especially green tea to not only repel cancer, but to destroy it in the body. There are numinous benefits also from drinking at least eight glasses of fresh, clean water per day. All of these things that are beneficial to the body have an impact on ones spiritual or psychic fitness as well.


Adequate Rest:


You can not effectively meditate if you are fatigued. Fatigue makes concentration harder to achieve. If your tiered, be honest with yourself get some rest rather then pushing yourself. Do your mediation when you are fresh. Meditation is a useful tool; the mind rests in silence. If fatigue is a  problem, check out the effect of some meditation exercises, that are comfortable to you.



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