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By : Nikki Savage


Just a gentle reminder, as the wind howls outside my window, take time for yourself.  Be gentle with yourself.  The season is cold and dry.  And those qualities can surface in us – physically, mentally and spiritually.  We are moving into the season of the earth.  We do well to follow suit and pause to ground.


The fall cooled away summer, began to chase the sap downward.  On its way out, the fire showed us its last hurrah of color signaling the colder months have come to do their work.  And to remind us to do ours.  The dark work of reflection and integrating another year of experiencing this life in all its wonderful and terrible ways.  We need to tap into the wisdom of the earth now.  Accepting and nourishing us as we see where the soul’s soil needs tending before the new growing season is upon us.  In the dark of winter, we begin to choose our seed and prepare our land.  Some of the best nutrition for soil is found in waste.  Literally.  We have to dig in some shit if we really want to get our soils ready for future harvests we have planned.


So please, take some extra time for yourself as fall wanes into the winter to ease the transition.  Oil your body to help ground and nurture your skin, the boundary of your body.  Fortify it so you can feel solid going into the work of self-assessment and ownership.  Help yourself by doing those things that make you feel secure enough to be brutally honest with yourself.  The deeper you dig and the more fertilizer you give it, the easier it will be for your new seeds to take root.


Also, stay warm.  Eat warming foods.  And give thanks for all you have that feeds you.  Gratitude offers its own sustenance.  Feed your inner fire so you can have good lighting when you draw within to discern what you wish to grow.  Tend those flames and illuminate the vision you hold for yourself.  Start as soon as frost scents the air.


Love yourself extra hard.  Earth medicine requires it.  Earth medicine flows through love.  Without love, it gets stagnant and fixated on something that feels secure but halts growth.  So you need to know how to receive love and how to allow it to flow through you.  Start practicing on yourself.   And keep practicing this one every day.



Love is required for the medicine of all the seasons.  But self-love is especially important when you wish to harness the healing energy of winter.  The one that brings our coldness and darkness to our sight and asks us to hold space for all the qualities we possess.  So we can have integrity as we decide what we need to grow to sustain us in wholeness.


Be kind to yourself.  Your whole self.  You are an infinite being having a human experience.  Tap back into that stardust soul and remember how to shine.


Do you have a practice of self-care for the dark and cold months?  How do you prepare for winter’s work?



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