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J. Nighteagle.



A few words about Totems: By J Nighteagle



Every culture in our world, past and present have power guides (Totems). These Totems should not replace but enhance and assist that which is in place. On a conscious or unconscious level, animals are our brothers we are related to each other (all life is directly effected by each other) genetically and spiritually. Totems, or power guides, provide lessons or information most of us want about ourselves and our environments; each is as unique to the individual as a finger print.



In all reality Totems (or animals), 99% which are wild would or have learned to avoid humans, which in reality are a danger to wild animals, however they represent the most evolved message. The information they provide is knowledge of ourselves and our path in life. Information that has and will be present and that does not depend on mans survival as a species.



Animal Totems can be a bison, a whale, or snake as well as a rabbit , a cricket, parrot, insect or fish. This all depends on your culture and also your environment, whether it is a big city or a farm. Totems can also be dragons, a phoenix, a sphinx, turtles, spider or eagle, cranes or shark no matter what type; the key is respect. For example a feather can not be taken from a bird, it has to be given by the Totem. Finding a feather or coming across one on your path, in essence totems find you, not the other way around.



I will concentrate on north America, first and respond to some topics of interest.



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Check back next week for Part 3 of the series; The Wolf.


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