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By: J Nighteagle



The certainty of reincarnation isn’t easy to prove. Sometimes old birth records can verify a long-ago lifetime to which one can relate, but this remains largely a matter of faith. The strongest support comes from an inner-acceptance of what feels true. In addition, numerous instances of people recalling details about previous lives, showing inexplicable aptitudes or possessing knowledge that would otherwise be impossible to acquire support the idea of living before.


Astrologers will examine retrograde planets in a natal horoscope for insights into old business hanging on from a past life. In esoteric astrology, the sun sign is the sole itself, while the moon sign describes the emotional remembering of the soul. The moon sign also suggests the lactation of past lives.


Regressive hypnosis is a popular technique used to pursue past life study. A hypnotist trained in past life regression will guide the subject to explore the scene of an important past life while in a light trance state. After undergoing hypnosis and examining the past lives experienced, great insight can be gained. Afterward, the subject might be encouraged to visit the actual locations of other lives. It can also be helpful to watch films, collect pictures, music, recipes, or art, which reflect the time and place of the past life. Records dreams and impressions that occur after the regression for further study. A genuine past life will grow in detail and clarity as time passes, where as a dream tends to fade.


For those unable or unwilling to try formal regression with a therapist, hears a simple technique for self hypnosis, which often works well. While drifting off to sleep, visualize yourself boarding a train. Find a comfortable seat and settle in. Let the train move backwards into the scene of a significant past life. Be patient; try this for several nights. Keep a notebook handy to record impressions and recollections upon awakening.




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