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By : Nancy


I’ve had psychic premonition dreams since I was a child. The first exact premonition dream I had was of a small manila envelope that said ” For Nancy, From Aunt Nina O’Connor” and the next day when I awoke I saw it on the dining room table just as I dreamed, inside was an antique gold bracelet with the initial “N” and in my readings guides often predict jewelry that will be given to them such a man thinking of a ring or bracelet in box. I have clairvoyant visions during my medium channeling the same as I’ve had in my life in my dreams. I see signs with black lettering with an answer to a customers question and also what the person is feeling who they are inquiring about. In my life I have dreamed of black writing on a paper of names and so on and then it happens as I dreamed, I knew the persons name before I heard of it. I dreamt there were people on cells phones before they were used and they were talking on a grass park by the L.A. County River, when I had this dream in the 1980’s it was rural and off limits to the public and years later they changed it with landscaping and path ways just I dreamt of years earlier. Another time I dreamed of a phone ringing and ringing in an empty apartment which was a warning that a relationship would end and a week later it did. Often, the premonition dreams are to warn you to prepare for something upsetting to prepare so you are not so suprised when it happens and often the dreams are sent by your guides so you may take measures to prevent something from happening by your actions. Your guides are called this for a reason as they guide you with your life and send dreams to give you a message, some dreams are from your imagination and subconscious, some are psychic premonitions. I awake recalling my dreams and ask who sent the dream? Then ponder the meaning and importance. I once dreamt of a fox jumping over a white table cloth in a restaurant with people I knew who were untrustworthy as the dream informed me they are sly foxes and I then knew not to trust them or waste energy on them any longer with business I was doing as betrayal was predicated and therefore I knew. I dreamt of a fire at a Mexican Restaurant in our area and in the dream a man was standing at a gas station across the street staring at his cell phone calling nine one one looking at the fire burn across the street. When I awoke I told my family about the fire dream I had and when we drove down that street that next day it was burnt down. I later read in the local paper a man called nine one one from his cell as he looked at the fire therefore I learned I dream of emergency while they are happening and this happens often to me, I get crime tips in the middle of the night and jump out of my sleep suddenly knowing the crimes happening and my readings say I am called The Angel Of Stopping Emergency as thats my spirit inside so I use this gift in my customers readings and predict things so they do not happen.




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