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By Lulu Gleason

We as a society have been relying on psychics to help us spiritually grow since the beginning of civilization. The first examples of ‘Psychics’ have been seen through out all the lands of the earth. Some examples are as old as our civilization.

Shamans, Medicine men, Oracles, Prophets, readers, and seers have made a huge impact on our ancestors. The more popular shaman and medicine men/woman were in Native American and early Asiatic cultures. In fact, Shaman and medicine men/women have been used through out the entire world.

The oldest Archaeological find of a shaman burial site is 12,000 years old in Israel. Some believe that Shamans have been in existence since before organized religion in the Neolithic era. They would use there abilities to help the community with herbal remedies such as sage, cedar, or morning glory plants.

Shaman and medicine men/women utilized practices such as songs, dancing, and sweat lodges for healing rituals, obtaining animal souls for better hunting and leading sacrifices to tribal spirits to better enhance the community in which they belong.

The Pythia, or as it’s commonly known, the Oracle at Delphi, were the priestesses at the temple of Apollo. The Oracle is mostly known due to Greek historians such as Plato, Sophodes, and Ovid. As well as being the most prestigious source of divination in the Mediterranean, the Oracle had a strong following.

From the 8thst century B.C. to 393 A.D. the Oracle at Delphi would supply seekers with the words from the ‘Gods’ or divination through deep meditation and vapors that emanated from the rocks on which the temple stood. Giving people answers to the questions they had about life or their situations.

Because the oracle at Delphi would only perform an act of prophesy at the start of spring on the 7th day of the month, minor priestesses would use colored beans to implement yes or no questions.

Learning about the different ways we has human beings have tried to break through the ethereal barrier and obtain answers to questions of life and the soul I’ve come to discover certain things. We all have our own opinions of what works for us. I personally like the more enlightened version of today’s psychic.

Today’s psychics have evolved from these early origins of shamans and priestesses. Less gas fumes, plants, or sacrifices and more of a focus on knowledge and strong clairvoyance with today’s psychic. Yes, I would have to say it seems like our current society is getting a better deal.

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