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By : Nikki Savage
If in the end we are all on one team, who are we trying to get ahead of? And how has money become the way ahead? If all the money was evenly distributed and all resources shared equally amongst us, what could we build? If we weren’t competing but instead collaborating, what could we imagine together? What would our costs to live look like? What would cost even mean?


We say things like “time is money”. Time is much greater than money. We have a system that forces so many to sell their time at a fraction of what it is worth. Everyone’s time is priceless. No one’s time is more valuable than anyone else’s. Our time with our friends, our time with our families, our time alone, our time here on Earth. Priceless. Not a single one of us has a contract with time. No one is guaranteed another single second. But so many have to trade it for a piece of paper that actually, literally holds no real value. How can a system values money over life be sustainable?


Time is the real commodity. And our time should be spent in service, sharing our particular light with our families, our communities, and our world. Our technology should be used to bring us together, not distract us from our lives. Why does making a living that nourishes our souls and makes the world a better place at the same time seem so far out of reach for most of us? Why do so many of us have to do work that is meaningless to us for companies that see us as resources instead of THE SOURCES that we are?


I wonder, how do we change this system? How do we dismantle it and rebuild a better one? We are capable, of that I’m sure. And we have certainly the numbers. So where do we begin?


With such a spiritual group, I am wondering how we can begin the process of making a more sustainable and equitable system so people have the time to truly share their light with this world. That is why we are here after all. Not for the dollar bill, not for ride to the ground floor. We are here to raise each other up. Why does that seem so hard to do? I want to know: How do you believe this shift begins? Let’s start building something better.


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4 Responses

  1. I think it generally up to individuals, it isn’t really about the money for people like me, it all about what it can buy, If I had a farm house where i have planted varieties of fruits vegetables and food stuffs I like to take, a fish pond, a borehole, solar electricity, I should think I don’t ever need to have money or even get out of my farm house, but if I don’t need to sell some of the farm products to get money to buy fuel, gas and other non renewable energy, I will need to change my wardrobe, I can’t possibly use a dress for life, if I have a wife, she will have her own needs, I’ll need money to provide them, I’ll need to pay my child’s school fees and all that. If money is evenly distributed, everyone will have the same power to purchase limited resources, that will be a problem on it own, there will be a buying competition, people will probably kill each other over those resources, money won’t be money anymore, money is simply indispensable, we can’t build a world without it, we can only build a world that depends less on it.

  2. You and me both, Imani! Something has got to give. There definitely is a better way. I pray we find it!

  3. Very true oluwafemi!. We certainly need to be stewards of the Earth’s resources, not perpetual harvesters. But that is also inextricably tied to our money. Those with the most money lobby for policies that make it easier to exploit our resources and also subsidize and make the less sustainable resources cheaper. I think barter is a great way to exchange in an equitable way though how does that work on a global scale…. Truth is money has no value beyond our belief in it. It is literally debt and was meant as a form of credit to keep business moving. And people kill and die for it. It is crazy… So yeah, there is a lot that needs to change for us to make an equitable and sustainable system for sure. Many moving pieces. I think it starts with community building locally and builds from there. However it starts and builds, it has to be a combined effort on all fronts. But I do believe we are up to the task. 🙂

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