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By: Adam


Most Saturdays I enjoy rising early and watching the sun from a chair on my porch. The crows are often on the wire being noisy and taunting the cat. Or maybe they’re taunting me. More often than not an older woman named Mora passes by with her dog Dixie and says hello. I always try to wave her over and have her pull a Tarot card from an old deck that belonged to my granny. Mora gets a kick out of this. What’s interesting to me is she has never wanted me to interpret her card pick. She looks at the card, utters a low  “Hmmmm,” thanks me, and then shuffles on her way. This has become a Saturday ritual for us both.


Two weeks ago Mora told me she didn’t want to pick a card. She wanted me to pick a card.
So I did.

I pulled the Seven of Wands and handed it to her.


“No,” she told me. “Show me a card to look at that will make him talk.”

“Make who talk?” I asked.

“My son.”

“There’s no card to make someone talk,” I told her.

“Show me a card to look at that will maybe change some things.”


I wanted to tell her that we get what we focus upon. Instead I kept my mouth shut and remembered this woman was probably five steps ahead of me and most likely trying to teach me something.


My granny used to do this trick each morning while meditating. She would pull cards to see where she was headed, then she would find the card or cards that most represented what she wanted to manifest. It was an old Tarot meditation: focus upon the card or cards that represented the aspects you wanted to see manifest; that old axiom, you get what you focus upon. Granny called this a reverse reading. Nowadays we use white boards, focus wheels, and affirmations, but the results are the same. Carl Jung and other psychologists, however, have stated time and time again that the Tarot imagery speaks directly to the subconscious and the collective unconscious; the imagery shows us that with which we are aligned, and when meditated upon, the imagery aligns us with the aspects of focus.


So I pulled the Two of Cups from one of Granny’s decks and gave it to Mora.


“Keep this with you and bring it back next week,” I said. “Put it where you’ll see it often.”


Mora smiled, put the card in her purse, and then she told me, “The crows think you are crazy.”


The Two of Cups shows two people enjoying exceptional communication. But more than that, it shows two people eager and committed to communicate at deeper and more fulfilling levels. My blog is not about the card, but about the style of the reverse reading. The art of sending our attention into the aspects that we want instead of waiting for something to happen that we like or for the crows to say something complimentary.


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