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By: J Nighteagle



For any relationship to work there must be three elements; silence, respect, and sharing. Relationships teach us silence. Silence enables us to listen and to experience the relationship as it truly is. It enables us to know when to speak and act for the greatest benefit. Relationships also teach us respect for other lives, and only to take that which is truly needed. Relationships also teach us sharing. They teach us how we can best live in the world with one another.


This exercise will give you the opportunity to examine your predatory role in relationships. Allow your totem to lead you along the way to your past. You will stop at each of your most important relationships. Observe yourself in these relationships objectively,. And allow your totem to show you weather you were in the role of the predator or pray or if there was a sharing of the roles.

After examining several of these, you should begin to see a pattern, allow your totem to lead you back to the present. Then allow your totem to show you the one quality above all else that it can teach you in order to have balance in relationships. Allow your totem to melt into you, to heal and balance, and open your eyes to a new awareness.



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